Monday, July 03, 2006

The Official Start of Vacation

We arrived in Colorado last night and are enjoying the coolest temps we have felt since we were here in December (65 degrees). I have been wearing pants and long sleeves most of the day.

Julio (5 yrs old) felt the need to wear snow boots to Target today:

(The above portion of today's post was written for Guapo's reading pleasure. And now, I will ask him to kindly stop reading)

Today was a big day for us. We hit Costco, Target, Famous Footwear, and Kohls. I am so tired. I have a firm belief that living the ex-pat life could turn anyone into a compulsive shopoholic. It's like you don't see good stuff for so long, and then all of a sudden you are bombarded with bargains and options and so much cute stuff; it really can be dangerous.

I never know when I will be back, so I must buy, buy, buy!!!!

I am quite the mad-shopper when I come to the States. And my weakness? Shoes. Sometimes I go back with a shoe-count in the double digits. I was going to keep a running count and share it with you, but after purchasing 4 pairs just today, I don't think I will (I can usually hide a large percentage of my shoe purchases from Guapo, so I don't really want to give myself up that easily).

But, I will show you the start of what looks like will be a terrific shopping season:

I have always wanted some of these, they are so cute!

Mom to K-squared (my fashion consultant) urged me to get some "pointy toed" shoes to wear with jeans:

And some two-toned brown shoes:

And I just liked these (and @$%# Blogger just stopped letting me upload photos):


Just so you know, I shop sales. And, I shop at places like Marshalls, Target, Old Navy, etc. I get kind-of nervous in stores without carts (except for Gap) (well, and Banana Republic). I have to take a more experienced shopper with me like one of my sister-in-laws who will tell me what looks good together. My point? These shoes were all on sale and I bought three of them from Target. (I know Guapo's still reading)

But do you see a problem here?

new shoes

Yeah, me too.

All brown.

I must diversify.

And soon.

And thus, with the first shoe purchase of the season, my vacation has officially started.

(PS I can only blame part of my little problem on Guapo and the career path he has chosen, the other part of the blame goes to my mom. Here's a shot of my mom's running shoes. She told me she had just "thinned them out")

mom's shoes

With forces like these working against me, obviously I cannot be held accountable for my actions.


ABC Momma said...

I really like the brown crocheted ones.

No Cool Story said...

Shoes!, you can never have too many.

Firstborn wonders why girls buy shoes the "same color". Not so I say, the shades are very different. To the untrained eye your new treasures might look brown, but in reality, they are different shades, textures and most of all: moods.
Congrats :)

I love it that Julio wore snow boots to Target, excellent!

Hey, just like you, I got goose bumps on Sunday at church singing the "Star-Spangled Banner" and "America the Beautiful", how awesome is that?. Have a great Holiday, vive la vida loca y continúa en tu búsqueda de tesoros.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Your feet look good in brown. Why mess with a good thing? Good luck getting them all back on the plane. :)

Without fail, "America the Beautiful" always makes me cry. Ironically, it's always the "undimmed by human tears" part. OK, and the rest of it.

Nettie said...

Gorgeous shoes! And brown is like, the most versatile color! Last Sunday one of the ladies at work was wearing the two toned ones, and we were all admiring them! I do have to wonder how you get them all back home. Have a happy fourth!

Tess said...

oh yeah, you must diversify *wink, wink* actually I really like all of them, but we just cannot have an outfit without great shoes too, can we? enjoy your visit

PS your mom's collection is quite impressive

amerimeximadre said...

Along with your shopaholic craze, I do the exact same thing... with clothes and food. When I went back to the US last Christmas ( I was pregnant) I gained like 20 lbs in one month! It wasn't all baby... I just had to take advantage of chocolate, creamy ice cream and all of my fried favorites! Oye! So how many empty suitcases do you have with you? Happy 4th of July...Just another day here in Mexico....still don't have a consensus on a new president.
Cute shoes! my son likes the pointy ones.

Gabriela said...

ok, here's how I get all of my stuff back into Mexico. Between the 5 of us, we come with 3 full bags and several empty ones (the luggage checker guys always give us a funny look).

Anyway 5 X 2 = 10 possible bags.

(I usually end up running to Target a few hours before the flight to get a new duffle)

I can take back with me

7 additional bags X 50 lbs/per bag = 350 lbs of new shoes!!!

K-squared's Mom said...

I do get the picture that you are having so much fun! Maybe the airplanes going to big city are bigger than the ones going to small town so a bigger handcarry can fit more shoes! I would love to be shopping with you!

Have fun in Colorado and please tell Julio that my daughter just asked me if she can have snow boots to wear to small town! We miss you all!

More stories in my email later! Take care.

El Guapo (I hate my name) said...

Drop the credit card and slowly slide it across the floor with your foot. Keep your hands where I can see them. No sudden movements. It's over. (Please, let it be over.)

annatolutti said...

hahahahahaha las muujeres nunca compramos muchos zapatos simplemente tenemos mucha ropa con que combinarlos te extrañamos gabriela bexos

smartmama said...

totally dig the shoes Gab-
horde on!

txmommy said...

cute cute shoes!!!

No Cool Story said...

Amiga: thanks; the game was pretty good, but the last 2 minutos of the 2nd overtime were awful. Waaaahh!, how could they score 2 goles in 2 minutes? Oh well, I did say "let the cutest guys win", so there you have it. You know what is funny? That you are the only person who even said (actually wrote) anything to me about the game today, it never ends to amaze me, how no one cares.

I'm also cheering for Portugal tomorrow. But my little heart is now broken, and there's no excitement left for me in the World Cup

handiemom said...

Fun post! I like your new shoes. I have to confess that I am terrible at shoe shopping. I usually buy one pair and wear it out until it breaks and then go on to next pair. Very unoriginal, I know.

I think it is because I'm usually shopping with children who have very little patience for trying on shoes and keep running back to the kids section and grabbing Dora sandals and saying "Can I have these? PLEEEEESE????!"

Anyway, keep on shopping!

Kristen said...

Oh, my! The shoes, the shoes!!

You came here (Colorado)at a good time. Prior to this week, we'd been enjoying 90+ degree heat!

Grammy said...

Guapo, you crack me up. I understand your pain, but living away from real shopping can turn even the most frugal of us into shopaholics. Take heart, though. It does get better when you return stateside.

Gabs, I really liked the 1st ones a lot. The 2nd made my toes hurt just looking at them. 3 & 4 were vaguely Suzette-esque, don't you think? (but cute! Really, really cute!)

ShelahBooksIt said...

Love the shoes! What can I say, I'm a total shoeaholic too. I spent the morning combing the aisles at Marshalls and Ross for some sweet deals, but unfortunately came home with only one pair, for my kid.

Stephanie said...

I love ALL of them!!! Every one! A girl can never have too many shoes! Check out how tanned your feet and my WHITE feet are incredibly JEALOUS!!!

My Full Hands said...

Love the shoes. Wouldn't hurt to get a few new outfits to go with them, now would it? :)

Zoe said...

Ohhhh cute cute shoes!! I am that way when I go visit my mom! I mean, we have stores around us but when I am on vacation it is just different. Someone watches the kids and I have a shopping partner so . . . spend, spend, spend!! :) I hope you are having fun!! :)

utmommy said...

Too many shoes? Never heard of it. I love shoes. I think I own about 20 pairs of flip flops. When I came home with 2 new pairs the other day, DH asked why. The answer was easy, I didn't have any brown or turquoise ones, so I REALLY NEEDED them!! You picked some cute ones. I've been told by my sis that I need some pointed toe ones too. Maybe I'll go looking :)

Janice J. said...

I'm always hiding purchases from my husband. I consider it doing a service to Chris--he doesn't need the stress of knowing how much I spend on things like shoes etc. I also have invented what I call the "basic price". Chris knows about this and when he asks how much it costs, I tell him the "basic price"--usually about $10 less.

Anonymous said...

I like those brown shoes and my black one also. I got them from CouponAlbum site while shopping for my birthday.