Monday, July 30, 2007

I Am Not "OK"

First of all-I just finished Harry Potter 5 minutes ok. Dang good book. Extremely satisfying.

That aside, we have been here almost 2 weeks. Just a few days ago I found out that making the "OK" sign is quite a vulgar thing to do here in Brazil.

Would have been nice to know this, ummmm, before I got here seeing how I use the "ok" sign ALL.THE.TIME. Especially when I can't communicate so well with my words.

Maybe I could have avoided all of the little snickers I was getting-I assumed it was because my Portuguese is not quite up to speed.

Maybe I would have avoided being chased for 50 feet by a group of heckling Pan American Games-tourist-welcomers because I told them it was "ok", I didn't need one of the pamphlets they were handing out.

Just in case you were curious, the hand gesture of choice in Brazil is the thumbs up sign.

I really feel like a geek giving a thumbs up.

It reminds me of these guys:

Oh well. What can you do?


Janice said...


Awesome Mom said...

Lol well at least your figured it out and are avoiding it from now on.

Super Happy Girl said...

I had heard that the "OK" sign is vulgar in some countries. I'll make a mental note that Brazil is one of them then.

So really, you should have given the thumb up for "I don't need a pamphlet"?
Dude, that's geeky.

Anonymous said...

I missed your earlier blog which made me roll over in laughter!I so envy your Harry Potter! We missed it by three days but at least we got to watch HP5.

LOL on the OK sign.....geez, how can they even think of laughing at you when you have 4 kids in tow?! Well, hope you can keep your hands in your pockets everytime you say OK!

Do they have Portugese "telenovelas" like they do in Mexico? I'm pretty sure you'll be speaking like a native in no time! Good luck with the shopping sans Costco!

Millie said...

You vulgar non-Brazilian... how many innocent people have you offended with your "OK" sign?

What if you shoved a finger up your nose? Would they be OK with that?

Sketchy said...

Now that's some helpful information that should be in the travel guides.

But come on, thumbs up reminds you of CHIPS? It should remind you of the Fonz. lol

utmommy said...

I think that sign is vulgar in Japan too. Who would've known?

Thumbs up to you:)

nikko said...

Glad you figured it out. :o)

I liked Man vs. Wild the first few times I saw it, until one episode he was supposedly floating down this freezing cold river in the Tetons, using only his backpack and a trash sack as flotation. Then, in the next scene, you could totally tell he had a life jacket on under his sweatshirt. Yeah, uh huh. See if I believe that show anymore!

Rochelle said...

This "ok" sign is vulgar in France too. At least that is what someone told me when I was heading that way. Thankfully I don't really use that sign unless I am signing, in which case it is a letter "F" :)

Thanks for sharing!

Lana said...

good to case I ever go to Brazil.

I kind of miss my Chips watching days.:)

Unknown said...

I used to love those guys!!

Nettie said...

I remember CHIPS!

I bet you look really cool doing your thumbs up sign now. Just add a double click on the roof of your mouth with your tongue and wink at the same time. That'll impress them!

Anonymous said...

it's vulgar in germany, as well.