Tuesday, December 20, 2011

When being "cool" really just means being "cold"

Umm, I haven't posted for a while.  Blogger's all different.  Not sure I like it.  Hmmmm. I see I can now strike through my words with ease.  And change font color? or background color?  Maybe I do like it.  We'll see.

So.  My fifth grader, Julio, is a relatively cool kid as far as fifth graders go.  What this currently entails is wearing summer clothing despite the fact that we are well into winter in these parts.   If it's below 32 we've got a deal where he wears pants to school over his shorts and then strips down once he's there.  I haven't seen his winter coat all season-if it's really cold he wears a sweatshirt.  We got in a big "discussion" a couple of weeks ago because it was 3 degrees out (windchill below 0) and he was headed to basketball practice-I told him to put some pants on over his shorts and he freaked, "Stop treating me like a baby-I'M ELEVEN!!!"

And showing such good judgement, what was I thinking?

Yesterday I was taking the kids over to my mom's to decorate Christmas cookies.  It was probably in the high 30's.  He started to head out to the car in a t-shirt, shorts and BARE FEET.  I mean, why should he wear shoes? He was just going to remove them the second he got in to the house so, really, what's the point of wearing them in the car?


If he starts acting like a teenager 2 years early-does that mean he'll come out of it 2 years sooner or will I just have 2 extra years of it?