Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First Playdate

Just to mark this day in history, Pedro (almost 4) had his very first playdate.

He went home with a little friend directly after preschool for a couple of hours. So, what did I do with all my free time? Well, I divided it basically between two activities:

1) pacing around the house not feeling quite right
2)worrying that they would get in a car crash while driving from the school to the ice cream shop, and then from their house to our house

I called after an hour or so to make sure he'd made it to their house and she asked him if he wanted to talk to me and I could hear him in the background, "No, that's ok."

He made it home safely and all is well (other than a bucket load of tears shed because I wouldn't take him immediately to Target to by a Lighting McQueen game for the Wii that he played at his friend's house), but I still feel weird.

My little guy is growing up. :(


Aaron Waldrip said...

There's still time. You can have another one . . .

Ballerina Girl said...

aaahhhh, my little buddy!
I miss his sweet kisses on Auntie BG's cheek!


Fabiola said...

He is definitely growing up ; )

Janice said...

I do that almost everytime my kids go to a playdate.

Super Happy Girl said...

:D @ Aaron!

Kari said...

Doesn't that figure, his comment: "No, that's okay..." :) It means you're raising a confident child who feels secure! Congratulations!