Friday, October 07, 2011

Fall, Fall, Fall

Another week has flown by. I would have posted earlier (ummm, sure...), but Margarita has been heavily involved with her science fair project until late every night which involves using my laptop because the "family" computer has a dinosaur version of Word (according to her).

Fall Colors

Last Friday Pedro, Guapo, and I went up to the mountains to check on our lovely house that we no longer are able to use due to soccer games, football games, basketball games, swim meets and such. So we decided to take the afternoon and go just for a couple of hours so we didn't miss the leaves (like last year).

It was beau-ti-ful.

Guapo loves this picture that he took; I think I have lion hair:

Remember Quakey? Yes, we still have him.

Fall Sports

After being drug to his siblings organized sporting events for the last year, Pedro has been looking forward to his chance to shine. I finally gave in and signed him up for "PeeWee Soccer". It was a pretty lame program run by college age girls that were more interested in their iPhones than the cute little 4 and 5 year olds (you can feel the enthusiasm in the photos below). But, finally, in their last two practices, instead of playing freeze tag (a critical element of any serious soccer program), they actually had a little scrimmage.

Pedro rocked!

Look at him going in for this goal-and against 2 goalies nonetheless:

So cute.

Fall Grapes

We have great grapes in our backyard. People far and wide (in our neighborhood) talk about the wonderful grapes they've eaten over the years from our yard. Unfortunately, Guapo trimmed them back so far that we only got like 6 this year (we each got one). Fortunately, our neighbor didn't trim his back and therefore had a bumper crop that he had no interest in harvesting.

Here's Guapo picking them (didn't you know grapes grew on trees?)

Just look at these babies:

This is pretty much all we did last weekend:

We made 5 1/2 gallons of juice that is de-li-cious. I am now making grape jelly from the juice. I tell you, I'm a domestic goddess. And, there are still more grapes out there. (Guapo doesn't know it yet, but he's going back up the ladder when he gets home. I'm not letting them go to waste.)

Fall Obsession

I'm still pretty big into my food storage kick these days. I figure it just makes good sense what with food prices constantly on the rise. I'll have you know that today I took a Sharpie and wrote the expiration date so it would be easily visible on each of my 56 boxes of cereal. And then I alphabetized them.

It made me *so* happy.

I hope you're all enjoying your fall and that you have a great weekend. :)


Ballerina Girl said...

Wow, I like these pack everything into one post!
You look beautiful Gabriela! At first I'd thought I would be commenting n the gorgeous leaves, and then came the picture of you...way prettier than any fall colors!
Pedro looks good, and yes, the girls look rather bored.
I'd love some jelly...and it's funny, we are still on the same wavelength even though we live miles apart....I'm making foods here in Atyrau that I'd never thought I'd be making like pasta, ricotta cheese...

Missing you and wish we could make these things together!

Janice said...

Were you a "canner" before you met Guapo or is this something his family did and you inherited it? I am so impressed. (My mom didn't can and thus I don't. My husband's mom didn't can and thus he has no expectation that I do so.)

Julie said...

No lion hair.
I didn't know you canned (and I've known you quite a while)

Gabriela said...

Janice and Jules:

this is the first thing I've ever officially canned. I did buy all the equipment a few years back, but was too scared to use it-so I left it with a friend in Rio.

Canning grape juice is very simple and not scary at all-a good place to begin canning.

Maybe I'll graduate to something else next fall...

BG: I made homemade gnocchi yesterday and it was GOOD!

Lana said...

i LOVE baby soccer players! so cute!!

Anonymous said...

just curious...what kind of grapes are those?

Gabriela said...

Anonymous: concord

Ashley said...

Love the pictures from Breck, beautiful!

Kari said...

Gabriela! What a cool post! Thanks for catching those beautiful fall leaves with the camera. And GRAPE JELLY! That is awesome.

I do like the photo of your pup. You've inspired me. I think I need to post...SOME-thing. :)

Unknown said...

We are enjoying the Fall leaves here as well. It is such a beautiful time of year!

Go Pedro! Scoring against 2 goalies...I'm impressed! I'm also impressed with your canning. Go Gabriela!