Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11

My memories of 9/11

We were in Venezuela September 11, 2001. My mom who called me after the first tower had been hit. Guapo was travelling in a remote part of Venezuela where he barely had a cell signal much less access to a television. I called and updated him throughout the day.

We had only been in Venezuela for about 2 months at that point and I didn't know a lot of people. But, it was not a day that anyone wanted to spend alone, so I called the one friend I had made. She came over and we spent the day glued to the TV, crying and talking. When I went to pick up Margarita at preschool I can remember several moms and teachers from other countries offering their condolences to me and to my country.

Our apartment was very close to the US Embassy at the time and almost instantly people brought flowers to show their respect. We had our kids take flowers as well. Here are a few shots:

embassy 1


Julio and flowers

It was hard to watch our nation suffering and be so far away. I will never forget the strong desire I had over the next few months of wanting to be in the States, around other Americans, to feel and to share in the loss. When I finally did make it to Florida for a few days in December I remember being in awe over the number of American flags that were flying and feeling so proud to be an American.

What a day. I am so grateful that, so far, that day has been the only one like it.


No Cool Story said...

That must have been hard, being far from home.
How nice of people to offer their condolences and bringing flowers to the Embassy.
Thanks for sharing your memories.

I'm also glad that it has been the only day like it.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing. It is hard to be away from home at a time when you want to feel united and aware of what is going on. Today feels just like a regualar day here in mexico, but I am remembering those who died. It was a great time in our country when every one came together and supported our country.

amerimeximadre (mayhem in mexico)

txmommy said...

It was nice to see the flowers at the embassy, it is a day we'll never forget.

Janice J said...

Mary was just a few days old and as I watched the 2nd one hit the tower, I remember thinking, "The only thing I can do is raise my kids the best I can. I have no control over the outside world." I had that thought over and over again for the first year.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

I think it's nice your kids brought flowers to offer. That was a wonderful thing to do, so far away from home.