Friday, September 29, 2006

Muchacha Moment(s) #2 and #3

Ok, here we are again discussing my "muchacha" and the interesting moments I have because a complete stranger lives with me and cleans my house.

Our apartment has a sit in kitchen and a separate dining room. I am more of a kitchen type person (read: too lazy to get out the placemats). If we eat in the kitchen as opposed to the dining room, the maid stays in the kitchen with us. I have told her she doesn't need to, but apparently she wants to and I don't have the heart to tell her to leave.

But, she just stands there and watches us eat. I feel like I can't relax or have normal conversations with my kids even though she doesn't speak English. I've gotten to the point of getting out the placemats when Guapo is home, but when he's not I feel too bad not eating in the kitchen. I just think maybe she's lonely. I don't know. But it still bugs me!

Ok, that was my vent. To assuage my guilt for venting online about a very nice girl, I will share a funny muchacha moment from Small Town. In Small Town I had a maid that came 3 mornings a week and she was a delightful lady that I got along with well.

One day I came home and the house reeked of bug spray. This lady was really good at finding ants nests (ewww, huge ants, I get the shivers just thinking about them) and she was kind enough to take care of the problem for me. So, anyway, I go into the house and the smell is overwhelming. I was thinking I had better get Juan Carlos out of the house before he dies. So I ask her if she found a nest and she replies, "No, you were out of Lysol." So I say, "We were out of Lysol AND you found some bugs?" "No, you were just out of Lysol and the bathroom smelled (home of the kitty littler box), so I used the bug spray instead"

I never did figure out her thought process there. "Hmmm, lets douse the place with a poisonous spray so we can't smell the cat box." Luckily the cats (and the kids) survived the massive fumigation.


smartmama said...

you're back- hows beta doing now--

don't you love the improvisation...our maid always used excessively liberal amounts of ammonia to clean things to this day i can't smell it without thinking of her-

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Ewwww. I hate that smell.

Your maid sounds interesting. I would be so hypersensitive if I were one. "Do they want me in the room? Do they want me to go out? Do they want me to make eye contact?"

I'd be all freaking out. Probably not a good career choice.

utmommy said...

I'll bet that was a fun smell to have around. I wonder what makes people do the things they do. BTW welcome back!

No Cool Story said...

So you are trying blogger again, best of luck. Welcome back, bet you miss seeing Super Happy Girl.

When I was little a one point we had 2 maids at the same time, while we ate, they would stand there, in the dinning room, while we ate, with fans (now, please picture this), fanning us like we were some kind on kings...I kid you not. Perhaps you maid loves her job and she really wants to be there in case you need her…on the other hand, I totally hear you, it must be very uncomfortable.
Next time just think it could be worse, she could be fanning you and the kids.

So let’s spray “raid” all over the house because you were out of Lysol, ha!, classic. I could tell you some stories of my own that would make you (and me) faint, it’s a miracle that I survived my childhood.

txmommy said...

well, that is odd. My bet is it's worth a little odd to have household help!

Very funny story and I am glad everyone survived!

handiemom said...

I am not beta-fied so hopefully this comment will work.

Great maid stories. I never had a maid in Mexico although we did have a lady that came and did our laundry (i.e. no washing machine) It was amazing to me the competition between women for our business. We ended up going with a young girl who was cheaper instead of the older woman all of the other professors used. Needless to say, she was not happy!

Using Raid as an air freshener..... Hmmmmmmmmm. I never thought of that. Maybe if you're desperate??????

Nettie said...

Was it her job to change the kitty litter? Perhaps she was secretly hoping to wipe out the cats!

Welcome back to blogger. I still haven't done the beta switch. I'm chicken. I'm wondering how long they'll let me stay in alphaland.

Sketchy said...

Are you back here now? You're such the blogging-jetsetter!

I cannot imagine having someone stand and watch me eat, how weird! Maybe she sort of thinks of the kitchen as her space? Like where else would she go, this is her space?

Gabriela said...

Yay, you all were able to comment. So, yes, I will probably come back to Blogger.

Smart mama: yes, every maid we've had seems to think "more is more" when it comes to cleaning products.

Millie: no, not a good career choice.

NCS: Love your fanning story. I guess it could be worse...

Handiemom: Yay! You're back!

Nettie: No!! I cleaned the box. But I never got the feeling she loved the cats.

Sketchy: you could be on to something there.

amerimeximadre said...

thats funny, I had just the opposite. My muchacha used the "oust" spray (like lysol) to dust all the wood in the house.

Bright One said...

HAHA! That one made me laugh....we have a litter box too and sometimes the old Lysol just doesn't do the I have my answer! That cracks me UP!!!

PS. I'm so glad you're back on blogger....I was too lazy to change my link so had to jump here first then to your other one from your post.....I know it doesn't sound easier but somehow I felt like it was saving me something....anyway welcome home!