Monday, October 02, 2006

Me-Crawling Back. Juan Carlos-Not Painting.

So here I am, crawling back on hands and knees to Blogger. Yes, the very same Blogger that has given me countless headaches over the past 6 months. I guess I am just a creature of habit, I just don't feel at home over at Blogsome. The real problem is is that the comment section bugs me. No little pictures and the format is just less reader-friendly in my opinion. So here I am again, ready to pull my hair out anew.

Anyway, Juan Carlos (3 1/2) finished up his first month of preschool last week. He goes MWF and takes the "party bus" so I don't have to go out and battle the traffic quite so often. The school sent home a flyer mid-month to let parents know what was going on at the school. Here are some of the things Juan Carlos supposedly learned about in September:

The children learned about the Mexican painters Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Rufino Tamayo, as well as some of the works of different artists of the Middle Ages.

Different types of music from the Middle Ages such as: works by Carmina Burana, Gullamue de Machaute and Gregorian Chants.

Colors, parts of the body and house furnishings.

And let's not forget about the weekly Chess class!


When he gets off the bus each time, I always ask him what he did at school that day and his reply is always the same, "I didn't paint."

That's all I get. He didn't paint. It's all in there somewhere right? All the Mexican painters, French vocab, and strategic chess moves? It's got to be.


smartmama said...

welocme back- I am laughing because my son (yes whose mother is an artist and paints almost weekly on canvas) refused to paint at preschool- (I guess the tempera paint was too lowbrow- even when mom was the volunteer manning the art table!!!) Actually i convinced myself that he was so used to "rich environment" that school stuff was old hat- it sounds fun though

No Cool Story said...

Carmina Burana? Oh my wow. So not only JC gets to have the maid stare at him during dinner, goes to the Fancy school, takes the Fancy Party Bus but also gets the Super Fancy Culture rich classes. My, what a fancy life he has for a 3 1/2 year old :D

Glad you are back, sorry it didn't work out over at blogsome. Maybe Blogger will be nice to you this time.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

I want to go to JC's preschool! I can only count to ten in French and have never heard of those artists. I feel so uncultured.

Sorry about your yucky Blogsome experience. I don't like the comment thingie either.

My Full Hands said...

About JC's painting (or lack ther of)-It's all about priorities. Some of people want to be cultured, others want to make culture:)

amerimeximadre said...

when I ask my son what he did at school he replies "nothing mom!" I need a printout of the activities too, so I can see what he is doing at school. I'm pretty sure French isnt involved.

utmommy said...

His preschool sounds great!! I don't play chess nor have I heard of those painters. I'm way behind.

I'm glad you're back to blogger!

JD said...

Wow sounds like a blast. I am thinking about switching to something new too. :)

Grammy said...

Hey, Gabes. Welcome back. I've been having some trouble accessing you over there. So it's better for me. Hmmm??? Do you really think they did all those high-brow things at pre-school - or are they just padding the summary sheet?

Tess said...

yay! I tried blogsome too, but it just wasn't for me.

handiemom said...

Glad to see you back in Blogger world! I love all your backgrounds.

Wow your son's preschool sounds much more cultured than mine. I think today my son (age 4) glued cotton to a paper lamb and learned that it was October.

Welcome back!

Bright One said...

Wow just the NAMES of the people he's studying are impressive! He's what....3 1/2? And I'm with him....without painting what is there, really, to say! : )

Lei said...

Soudns like a fabulous curriculum! Lucky little guy! ;)

Gabriela said...

I'm with most of you, I don't have a clue about any of those artists. And your're right Grammy, who knows if the actually do that stuff. The teachers probably pop in a Barney video for the kids and then kick back with a cup of coffee. I actually have witnessed the French class, so I know at least that part's legit!

But all the poor kid wants to do is paint!

Heather from One Woman's World said...

Welcome back! :)

Sketchy said...

That is so weird...I'm of the opinion what kids need at this age is a variety of tactile experiences or in other words, play. So this probably wouldn't be a good fit for me.

It's funny though when my son started preschool a few years ago every day he came home with like 20 paintings. And of course he wanted them put up all over the living room...which we didn't have furniture for at the time, so we started calling it "The Gallery"

No Cool Story said...

For some reason now I'm expecting so see a JC painting. Somehow, sometime.
Oh pretty please?