Monday, October 30, 2006

48 Hours in Houston

Well,I'm back. I had a super time in Houston. Here's a recap.

Luxuries experienced:

1. Flying. Not only did I get to fly without children, but I got to fly first-class. Guapo travels a lot and so he gets bumped up when there is an opening. He is always so sweet to let me have the seat in first-class while all 6 foot 4 inches of him sits back in coach. While I was enjoying steak and cheesecake, he was back trying to wash down a huge roll with a little piece of cheese and meat that were lost in the middle.

2. Hotel.

Yep, that's a little chocolate on the bed.

3. Showering/going to the bathroom by myself. No explanation necessary.

Stores visited in a 1 1/2 day period:

1. Target (2X)
2. Walmart (2X)
3. Gap
4. Motherhood Maternity
5. Marshalls
6. Old Navy
7. JoAnn Fabrics
8. Micheal's
10. Barnes and Noble
11. Toys R Us
12. Ross
13. Some other toy store, I can't remember the name
14. Some other fabric store
15. Lakeshore toys

Stores I avoided like the plague:

1. Bath and Body Works
2. The Container Store
3. DSW Shoes

Things learned about Houston/Houtonians

1. They have a great love for the frontage road.
2. They do not like it when I drive like a Big City Mexican.
3. Dollar stores are very, very popular.

Missions accomplished:

1. Maternity clothes purchased. I really hate buying maternity clothes. They will sit in my closet until I absolutely have to wear them. I am still wearing my regular jeans, but I'm having to unbutton them at night and after I eat. I will resort to using a rubber band before I will put on maternity pants.

2. Christmas shopping: 95% done and it isn't even November. I am so proud of myself.

Important purchases made:

1. My first pair of grown up black pumps. (you didn't think I could go shopping without buying some shoes, did you?) I have really never owned my own pair of black high heels.

Aren't they pretty? I have to practice walking in them before I actually wear them in public.

2. Tums. They have tums here (how could they not?), but not the berry flavor. I am coming into some rough heart-burn filled months. Must have berry-flavored tums.

3. Reese's cups. Yum.

And now I'm back in Big City trying to make it through the 100 halloween activites we have. More soon.


Valarie said...

fun trip! It sounds like it was a success in all regards.

ps, be sure to hide those yummy reese's cups. ;)

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

I can't believe you didn't go into B & BW. I love that store - nothing is too small.

Very cute shoes! Good luck! ;)

Tess said...

aDORE the shoes! I just bought some new ones the other day too, but not slingbacks.

No Cool Story said...

Living la vida de LUJO!

Way to go. I totally expected to see a picture of shoes (was not disappointed).
Chocolate on your pillow = oooh yeah!
I want to know what driving like a "Big City Mexican" means.
Going to the bathroom by yourself = viva viva!
That was a shopping spree and a half :D

handiemom said...

What a great trip! I hate buying maternity clothes too, but I started wearing mine about 4 weeks ago (how are you getting away with it???)

Tums are my lifesaver at this point of pregnancy. I carry them with me constantly.

And I totally understand what driving like a "Big City Mexican" means. At least I think I do....if it has to do with how they drive in Mexico City. Crazy! I'm still amazed that my father was able to drive a rental car there and return it without a scratch on it. I completely expected it to be totaled.

Glad you are back!

Janice J. said...

Why not the container store? I love that place?

Gabriela said...

Valerie-I am so hiding the Reese's.

Millie: it's way to dangerous and I had limited space.

Thanks Tess!

BOFF: One post post on big city driving coming your way!

Handiemom: My parents are coming for for Christmas and my dad wanted to rent a car and I am TOTALLY discouraging it. It could be a fiasco.

You are quite a bit a head of me aren't you? At least a month. Right?

Janice: way to dangerous. I love organizing things.

Julie said...

How fun! I am so glad you and Guapo got to go together. I have never flown first class-what a treat!
Way to go on the Christmas shopping. I am ususally wrapping my up about now, but this year I haven't even thought about it.

k-squared's mom said...

Sounds fun! I'm now missing Houston!

Almost done with Christmas shopping?! I don't even have a list yet!

Good luck on the Halloween stuff. Post pictures soon!

Shelah said...

yo yo yo yo yo-- next time you visit my hometown, drop me an email so we can do lunch, will ya?

Heather from One Woman's World said...

I'm excited for you to be having to wear those maternity clothes, even if it's no fun. I'd love to do your fam portraits. Let me know when.

smartmama said...

oh how fun!! I want a trip like that

amerimeximadre said...

Thats funny! I had berry flavored tums on my list too when I was pregnant and visited for Christmas. And I always have to find some peanut butter flavored candy to bring back with me, reeses, butter fingers etc. Chile flavored candy just doesn't satisfy my sweet tooth.

Looks like you had a fun trip. hooray for more new shoes.

handiemom said...

I'm due 2/17. When are you?

Funny story about renting a car in Mexico City: My father reserved online a BMW to rent in Mexico City because it was the same price as any other rental. I told him I didn't think that was a good idea because people steal cars in Mexico City (like a hobby). He wouldn't believe me until we got to the car rental agency and the lady told us it was a Dodge not a BMW that they would be giving us. "I don't know why they told you you could have a BMW. We don't rent them. People steal BMWs here." I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing.