Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Muchacha Moments #4 and #5

Welcome to Muchacha Moments wherein I share my strange experiences having a full-time live-in maid here in Big City, Mexico.

Our maid has had a rough couple of weeks. We are trying to smooth things out so we don't have to let her go and start all over with someone new. Here are the highlights.

Muchacha Moment #4

A couple of weeks ago I was having a yucky day so Guapo and Julio (6 yrs) each bought me a dozen flowers (awwwww, so sweet). I put one dozen in the dining room and the dozen roses from Guapo in my bedroom. So, I go into the maids room in search of something and this is what I find:

She cut my flowers and took them to her room without ever mentioning it to me!!!

Muchacha Moment #5

I bought two half-gallons of ice cream to make Julio an ice-cream cake for his birthday. The cake rose like crazy in the oven (over the sides of the pans), so I never even got to the point of adding the ice-cream, but when the party-kids were at our house for the (at that point store-bought) cake and ice cream portion of the birthday party I asked the maid to set the ice cream out to soften. As I was entering the kitchen to get the ice cream, she quickly mentioned that she had eaten a "little" over the last two days.

Her definition of "a little":

BOTH half gallons were in this condition. This is not a big girl. She is probably 4'10" and I wouldn't call her heavy. I'm not sure what she's doing with all the ice cream but I wasn't happy about it.

There's more to share, but I'll have to save it for another post!

I'll be taking a few days off as I am heading to the Lone Star State to do a little shopping. I'll be back next week!


JD said...

I love your lawyer style with exhibit A and B. These probably will be really funny in about five years. Sorry you were having a bad day.

No Cool Story said...

Our maid has had a rough couple of weeks, hmm, she's eating all the ice cream, hoarding the sauces and taking your flowers. ¿Que onda con tu muchacha Gabs?

We had a maid once who liked our things a little bit too much. The final straw was using my sister's "Red Door"...no happiness there at all, she was goners.

You are coming up to go shopping?
I shall miss you, have tons of fun!

handiemom said...

OK I could maybe understand the flowers -- after all you had 24 of them, maybe she thought you'd like to share. But the ice cream? A little is like spooning it off the top. This looks like she invited over her friends and they all pigged out. What? Did she think you wouldn't notice????

Buena suerte chica. I never imagined there were drawbacks to having a maid, but I guess there are some.

k-squared's mom said...

Have fun in "shopping haven"!

Reading your muchacha moments make my "stay-out"-maid-moments look like a walk in the park.

chineseinacan said...

Well, the ice cream does look good. I may have had a little, too. Good thing you weren't having a full-on Mexican birthday party. You would have had three times as much around for her to eat.

Kristen said...

Oh.My.Word. I'd be a little more than irritated myself. The ice cream? Nice. Good grief. And what nerve with the flowers!

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Fire her butt. These guys are being a lot nicer than I am - if I found one stolen thing, she'd be out the door. My FLOWERS? My ICE CREAM?? Hello??? What else do I have in life?

There's no way I could put up with someone working FOR me and stealing FROM me at the same time. It's called "embezzling." Just on a really tiny scale. ;)

No Cool Story said...

Hey Gabs, just wanted you to know (perhaps when you come back form Shopping heaven) that Blogg*r has been down for hours, but reading thorugh the newsgroups, I found out that only the Beta blogs are running.
YAY! see? something good had to come from your swtching to beta.

Janice J. said...

Can someone please explain to me what "beta" actually means?

Kristine said...

I'm shocked.

I have to say I agree with Millie on this one...even if she does hair, she's gotta go.

smartmama said...

I remember our maid having a penchant for certian things- even though my parent said she was welcome to anythign i remember being taken aback whenever it was one thing in excess and hey may she thinks she's doing a lto fo the work so some of those flowers were for her- or she felt it would classy up her accomodations like a hotel lobby

itybtyfrog said...

That is crazy!! I don't think I would keep a maid that did things like that! Have fun shopping!

Doulabean said...

No way! The flowers I could forgive and agree to a second chance, but beyond that...no way! She'd be outta my house! There is just no way to justify taking that much stuff.