Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Belly Shot: 22 Weeks

My mom has been asking for a new belly shot.

So, here I am last Saturday:

And closer up:

As you can see, I am still refusing to put on a pair of maternity pants. I rather suffer in my regular jeans than put on those dreaded panel pants.

I employ the rubberband method. Are you familiar with it? Here let me show you what I mean:

Pants won't quite close?

No Problem! Just add one rubberband:

And Voila! Your pants can last for at least another month depending on the size of the rubberband used.

And there you go!


Janice J. said...

You are crazy! Embrass the panel pants! You and your tummy will feel so much better!

No Cool Story said...

Ay amiga, you look so good, so good that actually that’s not even the adjective, you look great!.

You look so great you can still wear regular pants, even if they're rubber-banded.

I never wore maternity pants, or maternity dresses, nu-huh, not me.

Kristen said...

You look great! There are a lot of huge rubber bands out there, so your regular jeans could potentially last til birth. :-)

Tess said...

muy bonita! (am I a retard for using the only spanish phrase I remember from high school on your blog?)

you look awesome anyhow, so there :P

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

I was always so relieved to finally put on those pants, but if I looked as good as you do pregnant, I think I'd hang onto those jeans too. :)

Code Yellow Mom said...

There are some super alternatives to panel pants, you know...the rubber band is hurty! Go for comfort.

Actually, do whatever the heck you want. You're gestating. :)

22 weeks looks great on you!

Nettie said...

Where are you hiding that baby! My maternity pants have been way past the rubber band stage for weeks now.

(And the city you live in is beautiful!)

amerimeximadre said...

you look fabulous! I hate maternity pants too. I rubberband until month 6, have you seen the bella band? google it! Or you can always just go buy some low rise jeans that are a size bigger than you normally wear, and then you can wear them right after baby too!

Paulette said...

You look beautiful! Enjoy this time, stubborn is good too.

utmommy said...

At least now they are trying to make maternity pants a litte more fashionable.

You look great for 22 weeks, I already looked like I was about to pop at that stage in my pregnancy.

Gabriela said...

Janice: I just can't!

Boff: remember when Rachel wouldn't wear maternity clothes after she passed her due date? I can totally relate.

Kristen: I know! I need to buy a variety of sizes, we've only got these little ones.

CYM: I know, it's not really about the "panel" but maternity clothes in general.

Tess: No, I don't think you are a retard! :)

Millie: maybe I should try to adopt a new attitude regarding the dreaded pants.

Nettie: the pic is from a city called Querétaro, that we visited last weekend. Big City is not that pretty. At least not in most parts of it.

Amerimeximadre: Checking out the Bella band. Thanks for the tip!

Paulette: Hi!!

UTmommy: I know, they are a ton better now.

Heather from One Woman's World said...

Now if only my non-pregnant tummy looked that good!

No Cool Story said...

Yeah, it's amazing how many scenes from Friends can be used in life to describe things.
I just have to know, where were those pictures taken? It looks beautiful.

Have a great weekend amiga.

k-squared's mom said...

You are so hilarious!!!Bet you can get away with those "rubber pants" until you give birth. You can raid Margarita's rubber band ball.

You look great! Pregnancy sooo becomes you. If I didn't know that you want your baby's gender to be a surprise, I'd start telling you my guess based on your "pregnancy profile". Of course, nothing scientific; just a ton of myths and "old wives' tales" from my beloved country.

Queretaro looks lovely. You do feel better since you're taking sightseeing trips again. Enjoy!

No Cool Story said...

It's Querétaro (Pronounced Que-ré-ta-ro...)
I do read all the comments, I do, really!
My brain was off while I typed the above.
I was tired.
I needed chocolate.
I won't do it again.

Gabriela said...

NCS: no te preocupes, es por falta de chocolate, entiendo. Cute hat.

K-squared's mom: Give me your best guess. I can't wait to hear some of your Filipino "old wives' tales"

ShelahBooksIt said...

you look totally fantastic!!! I'm jealous! But I agree with the majority on your pants situation-- maternity pants are dumb, but they're more comfortable than a rubber band. And they have more room for a growing butt (I say this from experience, not trying to imply at all that your butt is the one doing the growing!).

Sketchy said...

Are you sure you are pregnant? You're not just slightly bloated? :)

I do the rubberband thing too, however it ususally only lasts until about 12-15 weeks!

Cmommy said...

First, Congratulations!! (I see you everywhere in Blogdom and had to pop in and say HI, plus you are NoCoolStory's friend so I already like you :-)

You look adorable. Your tummy is what my tummy looked like at 22 weeks POST-partum. Five years later, things are looking better in that area. Chrissy

ma said...

that third photo is silly,weird, and super funny! great post mom!