Monday, November 13, 2006

Greetings from the Sick House

This past weekend was not the best ever.

For those moms out there, you know when your husband travels and you tell yourself you only have to make it to "X" o'clock (the time he gets home) and then you get some relief? My relief was supposed to come Saturday morning at 11:00.

Guapo was dropped off at the school where the kids had a function and the second I saw him I knew there would be no relief. Poor Guapo returned to Big City with some nasty Small City flu/cold. He was pale, shaking and fevered. He spent the rest of "Field Day" in the car sleeping.

And the next two days.

Luckily, he has since joined the living again, but I went pretty crazy Saturday and Sunday after a week of being by myself with semi-sick boys who were too sick to go to school, but not sick enough to lay in bed all day.

So Saturday we had Stake Conference and our RS presidency was in charge of preparing dinner for Elder Scott and the other visiting and Stake leaders. With Guapo out of the picture I had to pan out the kids; between the driver taking the boys out to dinner at McDOnald's (poor guy), and the babysitter, and her mom, who were willing to watch them at her house instead of mine I finally got it worked out.

We were pretty excited to get to meet Elder Scott. We got there early and set everything up and then just waited. Here's the nicest-lady-ever who is our RS president and the cute Columbian who cut my hair.

And here' s me with my part of the assignment: lots of cookies.

Yes, that's a maternity top you see. Somehow I have an easier time wearing maternity tops than maternity pants. I don't know, I guess I'm just weird.

The bad news: Elder Scott never came to eat, he was doing interviews the whole time. :(

Sunday we stayed home from conference because Guapo was still so sick, and I would have had to take the kids in a taxi (little parking), and then control the 3 of them for the two hour meeting in Spanish with no primary relief. No thanks.

So that meant

I was going to post the recipe for this slime stuff that kept Margarita (8 yrs old) and Juan Carlos (3 1/2 yrs old) (Julio doesn't love getting messy like those two) busy for 1 1/2 hours+. It's made out of food coloring, and cornstarch.

But when it took us 2+ hours to clean it up, I thought I would spare you all. There was cornstarch EVERYWHERE. Footprints on the floor, spots on blankets, the toilets, everywhere.

The boys fought all day and I thought I was going to lose my mind.

Luckily everyone went to school yesterday morning and my sanity level is slowly returning to normal. Now I'm just praying I don't get the nasty Small Town disease.


Rachelle said...

you don't even look pregnant! And too bad Elder Scott never ate your cookies after all that hard work. Hope your sanity returns completely soon!

Janice J. said...

That happened one time with Chris and I couldn't help but be a little resentful. My thought is often, "I know you feel rotten but when I feel rotten, I have to suck it up and still get my mothering done."

k-squared's mom said...

I hope things get better soon. Yup, everyone's sick here in small's the nasty weather.

You look great! My prayers for an easier week for you.

txmommy said...

did you at least get to shake his hand?

you do look great! Poor Guapo

Tess said...

I want to teach my nephew the joys of slime ... at my mom's house ... and then LEAVE :) bwahahahahaa you look awesome.

No Cool Story said...

Aw, poor you amiga, lo siento. That had to be tough; here you thought heroic reinforcement was arriving. Feel mejor Guapo!.

You do look great as always, maternity top or not.

When the kids were little I had one -secret- rule, no messy or noisy things. Sorry, there's just so much this mom can take. So I’ll stealthily not do anything that would make my house want me to run away and hide. Hey, if you ever do run away, come see me :)

The mom can never get sick, it’s unheard of, so don’t ok?

Awesome Mom said...

I hope you stay healthy. We skipped out Stake Conference too for the very same reasons that you did. The thought of kid wrangling made me shudder.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

You look really pretty! Sorry to hear he never came to eat, but I'm sure you were blessed anyway.

My husband thinks of stake conferences as a "get out of church free" card. It's this Sunday, but I'm thinking, let's see - the whole day stuck in the house with the kids, or the whole day stuck in the house with the kids INTERRUPTED by 3 hours-ish of stake conference?

It's a total toss-up.

Gabriela said...

Illness has hit. :( That's all I can write.

Lei said...

oh man. only one thing worse than the flu - the flu while pg. so sorry! hang in there!

amerimeximadre said...

sorry Gabs! that doesn't sound like fun. rotovirus has been going around like crazy here. I hope you guys don't have that. my kids spent a whole week home from school, they acted like normal but I couldn't sent them to school all snotty, coughing and constand trips to the bathroom.

those cookies look divine! sorry that elder scott didn't get a chance to partake. you can mail any and all leftovers to me!

Code Yellow Mom said...

Your "lots of cookies" and you look great! Hope you don't catch the yuck also...That is definitely no fun when pregnant especially.

Probably a good idea to keep the goo recipe under wraps. It does look incredibly fun, and anything that keeps the kids busy...BUT the spots of stuff for mom to clean up? Not so much. :)

margarita said...

I was the one who had my hands in the goo yuk.

No Cool Story said...

Illness has hit. :(, yucky. Sorry, feel better soon :)

margarita said...
I was the one who had my hands in the goo yuk.

I don't know why but I lik ethat picture, the color combination is pretty cool.