Sunday, September 23, 2007

All I Want for Christmas Are a "Pupy" and an "Axx"

Today in church Julio (6 1/2 yrs) got an early start on his Christmas list.

Here it is in his own words (I still don't have my scanner or I would scan it so you could see his writing) (Ok, that's a lie-I don't really know how to work the scanner. Sad, but true.)

crismes List

  1. red life saver (red lightsaber)

  2. game cyoob (Game Cube)

  3. L. starwars (Star Wars Legos)

  4. Darth Vater masc

  5. PSP

  6. world cup ball

  7. bigest Hot wheels Trac

  8. A reel blue life saver (Julio told Guapo the red "life saver" could be fake, but that the blue one had to be real)

  9. Foot ball

  10. magec poshen (magic potion (in his own words to Guapo), "to turn you into a rabbit when you are being mean")

  11. pupy (puppy)

  12. axx

Just in case you are wondering about the last one (especially in conjunction with with #11), in school right now Julio's class is studying "Helpers in the Community." The kids have a "job fair" on Friday where they have to dress up as a certain profession and bring any tools that person may need. Julio is going as a fireman and therefore, is quite obsessed with getting himself an ax these days.


Special K ~Toni said...

That is such an adorable list! I really like #10!

Awesome Mom said...

That is a hilarious Christmas list!

Super Happy Girl said...

I give you props for honesty Gabs!

I love it that he asked for both the red and the blue life savers. And then he asked for both a world cup ball and a football :) What a smart guy, he's covering all bases.


Darci said...

I just stumbled upon your from the web ring and I just wanted to say that I am jealous of you in Brasil. I lived there for 5 years and miss it. I was in Brasilia and Rio. My neighbor is from the northern part Recife and misses it as well. She married an american and is stuck here,lol. I would love to add you to my blog if that is ok. mine is

Unknown said...

It's fun to see a boy list...the only thing on my girls' list right now is American Girl Dolls!

P.S. I could handle being driven around! Driving is not my favorite thing to do.

Sketchy said...

Oh man, that is so cute, I'm going to have to hog tie my children when they get home and force them to write Santa letters.

PS: Alex told me today that I should write Santa and ask him to come and fix the broken window roller-upper thing in my van. Think I've used that cop out once or twice too often?

Sketchy said...

Oh and you know I never really contemplated how phonetically "Christmas list" can look a lot like "Crimes list." That makes the whole thing seem a lot more sinister.

Janice said...

Toothsome #3 announced to me yesterday that all he wants for Christmas is to have his teeth cleaned at Daddy's office and a scooter. Weird child.

utmommy said...

Too cute!

I can't believe it's time to start thinking about Christmas.