Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Choo-Choo's A Comin', But the Tunnel's Closed

My first three kids started eating solids around 4 months; rice cereal first, then some fruits, then some oatmeal cereal, then some veggies, and finally meat. That’s what you used to do.

Thanks to the recent epidemic of food allergies, sometime since Juan Carlos was born 4 years ago, they have upped the age from 4 to 6 months due to the belief that feeding them earlier than 6 months can lead to said food allergies. I am a little bit lazy, so I thought that sounded fine-it’s easier just to breastfeed than try to feed a little baby 3 times a day and try to keep 3 other kids under control.

But, come to fine out, Pedro is not the world’s best sleeper. So around 4 months 3 weeks I started daydreaming about sleeping more than 4 hours in a row and suddenly the rice cereal came to mind.

First three kids + cereal = sleep

Pedro - cereal = Allergy free Pedro +"good mommy" - sleep (which doesn't really make me a good mommy at all because I am such a grouch without adequate sleep)

In my sleep deprived state, the answer seemed clear:

Pedro + cereal = "allergy inducing bad mommy" + sleep (I could deal with the allergy guilt on a good night's rest)

Here he is at 4 months 3 weeks.

He didn’t love it, but he didn’t hate it either.

Sadly enough, it didn’t help the sleeping situation.

So, I went back to being a "good mommy” -no more cereal, just breast milk.

Last week he hit the magical 6 month mark. I was ready-they have super produce here and I am planning on making all of Pedro’s food-no jars for this kid! I even bought a couple of recipe books in the States this summer on how to make the best baby purees.

Before the big day I prepared for him a lovely apple/pear/cinnamon puree, a carrot puree and a squash puree; all which can be frozen in ice cube trays for a fresh, wholesome meal anytime.

The kid won’t eat.

I started with cereal. Nope.

Moved on to squash. Hated it.

Then I thought “well, maybe he would like something sweet” and I gave him the apple/pear combo. Whole-heartedly rejected it.

And when I say he won’t eat, I am not talking about pursing his lips and spitting out his food. I am talking about dry heaving that leads to throwing up.

Here’s some photos from tonight’s attempt:

(Yes, I am aware that the kid needs a bib-they are coming in our shipment. I don’t want to buy one here-they seriously cost like $25.00)



Sketchy said...

Oh I'm sorry! Have you tried mixing breast milk with the rice cereal? Maybe a familiar tasting food would help?

PS: I always started my kids around 4 months allergies here either.

Sketchy said...

PS: I LOVE his hair! Such a cutie!

Lana said...

well, I didn't feed my kids until they were old enough to have a burger. It seemed to go fine. Poor D, she was probablly 15 months old and I realized that I should feed her something besides breastmilk. The rest of the kids saw us eating and grabbed for stuff off the table eventually and then I fed them. Only Lucy has had allegries and that was milk and didn't show up until she started milk and she was well over a year. So, ...I don't know. It'll work out! You should follow his lead maybe.

Super Happy Girl said...

That's one tough little man.

I was dumb enough to not know about baby allergies, thankfully none of my kids had them. Fisrtborn loved banana (just scraped from the actual fruit with a spoon) but wouldn't eat banana puree.
Sorry BOFF, I'm lame and have no useful advice.

Why are bibs and peanut butter so expensive?

Awesome Mom said...

Keep trying, I am sure that he will be eating solid food by the time he is ready to leave the house for college. Evan never really liked baby food, he wanted food that he could pick up himself. Harry on the other hand could not get enough of it. I guess it depends on your kid.

nikko said...

Send me your address, I'll make you a bib. :o)

Those pictures are so cute. I never fed my kiddos till at least 6 months, and were grabbing it off the table. We have done so little baby puree -- straight to table foods! ROFL! I guess if he's not ready for it, then don't force it. Maybe try every other day or so till he gets used to the idea?? Kids are all so different, it's so hard to say.

Of course, solid foods never made a bit of difference in my kids' sleeping habits, either, so that wasn't a motivating factor for me. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem and my 8 1/2-month old just started to enjoy rice cereal after 2 months of me trying. My dr. said "slow and easy - no rush", but he still gags if I try a new food.

Unknown said...

Pedro sounds like he could be like my Emily who hated baby food, but when I gave her table food that was "baby-friendly", she ate it all up! It might be worth trying.

I'm sure when you are trying to feed Pedro it is no laughing matter, but those pictures are cracking me up! You can tell he is so determined NOT to eat. :-)

Janice said...

None of my four kids ate baby food. They all hated it and refused to have any.

Anonymous said...

He's so cute and is looking so much like Julio!
Making my youngest eat has been a continuous struggle for me and he's now 4 years old! Guess I'm not much help either. Sorry. I'm getting more sleep now though.

Gabriela said...

Sketchy: Yep tried that.

TXmommy: you're right-I should be a little bit more patient with the whole process.

Boff: yep, I've tried banana-he hates it. EVERYTHING is so expensive here. Just before we arrived it was named one of the 5 most expensive places to live in the world. Lucky me.

Awesome Mom: yep, you're right-depends on the kid.

Nikko: you are so sweet (the bib offer!). I'm still holding on the to dream that it will help him sleep better but I'm not sure why-I've just got to hope something will make it better!

Lori: wow! 2 months of trying? I better be prepared for a slow process.

Maine Mom: I'll try some soft table food and see if he goes for it.

Janice: hmmmmm. Interesting-I've never had one that didn't like it.

K-squared's mom: Hi!!! He does look a lot like Julio-you're right! Maybe Pedro would like some lumpias (I know his mom would!)

Special K ~Toni said...

Wishing you good, long, solid sleep!

Paulette said...

WHen I made the homemade puree for my children I think they had a tendancy to be alittle bitter, so I added bananas, I did a bite of food whatever it is and a bite of banana until they accuired a taste then I backed off the banana so they would eat more of the veggies and meats. Keep trying and maybe lessen a feeding of breast milk so he is alitlle hungrier?
Hope this works, do not give up though he will eventually like something!
Good luck

Anonymous said...

Oh those pictures are making me laugh so hard!! Only because I am right there with you!!

The Fish= No sleepy

I just tried cereal today with breast milk in it and he took it down really good only minimal gaggin'. Please post what works for you. The only thing mine can tollerate are the Sweet potatoes. -ewww-

Lei said...

Oh my goodness. Is it alright if I chuckle? A little?

Good luck is all I got... keep trying!

Nettie said...

Oh dear! I'm starting Cyrus this week end. I wonder if they are more resistant to trying food when started later?

Pedro's grown up so much hasn't he...
Is he sleeping any better?

Bright One said...

WOW I am so glad I'm not buying bibs in Brazil (actually I'm quite a lot past the age of buying bibs anyway!) What a cute little guy and I guess I have to say I'd make that face too if I had to eat some of that stuff.

Also, my first child was fed NO solid food until she was 1 year old!!! (I kid you not!!!) I was terrified of food allergies (cause I have a bunch).....she has none so it may have worked. On the other hand, the other two started solids at about 4 months.....they don't have allergies either....small study but stilllllll