Monday, February 25, 2008

Kids? What Kids? Just Keep the Lobster Coming.

I'm back. Normal life has resumed. You'll have to forgive my lack of blogging-one of my purchases was the Stephanie Meyer "Twilight" series-I'm currently totally engrossed in the vampire love story. Will she or won't she become a vampire? (please don't actually answer that if you know). I am halfway through the second book. Give me a couple more days and I should be finished with the third and back to somewhat normal blogging.

I made it safely back to Brazil Saturday morning. Guapo and all the kids picked me up at the airport. It was so wonderful to be reunited with their little smiling faces. Well, Pedro wasn't actually smiling. He was MAD at me. When he saw me he buried his head into Guapo's chest. It about broke my heart, but, little babies have little memories and he got over it pretty quickly. He's my little buddy again.

The three days of shopping were fun. Expensive, and tiring, but fun. It was great to be on my own and not have anybody's schedule to think about for a couple of days-even though I had to force myself to remember that. Wednesday,my first day out and about, I looked at my watch and thought, "I better go home so I can call the kids, they will be getting home from school in a little while."

Can you believe I only bought two pairs of shoes? One pair of running shoes and a cute pair of sandals. Why not more? Space issues. I only had 3 bags I could fill and I had 3 kids' birthdays and Easter to buy for. It was Pedro who hit the shoe jackpot this time-I think he got 5 or 6 pairs and he doesn't even walk yet. Humpf. Wait until our summer trip when I will have 12 70 lb. bags available for filling!!!

Flying home was one of the best parts of the trip; I flew out in coach, but came home in 1st class.

First class is So.Much.Better.Than.Coach.

I had lobster twice in one meal! A half-lobster tail was a optional addition to the salad portion of the meal (ummm, a no-brainer there), and then was also an entree option. I, of course, had to take full advantage of my lobster opportunities. And then for dessert-a yummy made to order sundae. Mmmmmmm. I would have taken some pictures but I don't think that would have been too cool-I was trying to act like I actually belonged there.

After I stuffed myself until I couldn't eat one more bite, I laid my seat back,put up my foot rest and read my vampire book until I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer at which point I enjoyed a few hours of comfortable sleep.

There are several obvious differences between coach and first class:

  1. The space
  2. The food
  3. The service

What I found most interesting was the less obvious difference that is a result of those differences: First class is just a happier place to be. Coach is a survival-of-the-fittest type place-essential resources are limited-space, water, food, sleep; therefore the passengers have to fight for for things like: space in the overhead compartments, control of the arm rest, seats that recline.

First class is happier because your needs are met-there's no need to battle for the arm rest-it's huge. Overhead space? They've got plenty. Food and drinks? Whenever you want. People can just relax. It had almost a slumber-party feeling about it-after dinner everyone got cozy with their almost-normal sized pillow and blanket, put on their sleeping mask and headed off to dreamland.

Too bad we're not rich and we can't fly like that all the time. It was a treat!

And now I've got to get back to my book. Sorry-but I am obsessed.


Awesome Mom said...

I am in awe of you. I have never ridden in first class but I hope to some day. It sounds heavenly.

No Cool Story said...

Welcome to the Twilight Fan Club :) We have been expecting you.

Oh man, I'd love to fly 1st class. When I do I'll look down at the coachers...mwahahaha!

Sketchy said...

Ahhh...First Class...a dweam wiff-in a dweam...

Welcome to the Club of Twilight.

Kari said...

You are forgiven on reading instead of blogging--I did the same obsession thing with Harry Potter and I was SO disappointed that it had to end---!!!

Some Day I will fly First Class, too, and join the ranks of the Relaxed People...(oh, sorry, then I woke up!) Glad you had a fun trip!

Ballerina Girl said...

So true my friend....when we flew first class down here, yup, that's including our kids (company pays for the first trip down and last trip out) we were in heaven! The kids actually ate the food, and so did I! We all had ice cream with HOT chocolate on top and then slept dreamily...ah, if only we could do it every time! The funniest? the next time we flew, obviously in coach on our own dollar, the kids said, boy, first class is much better than this!
Glad to have you back !!!

nikko said...

I, too, welcome you to the fan club!

First class sounds heavenly!

Maine Mom said...

A blog title with lobster in it HAD to be read! Two lobster choices in one meal, yeah I would have taken advantage of both too! First class does sound like an experience everyone should have. Unfortunately I haven't experienced it yet.

I'm thinking I need to join the Twilight club because a lot of bloggers are reading the series and lovin' it. But maybe I should wait until our baby is born so I'll have a good excuse to sit and cuddle with the baby. :-) These books that don't allow anything else to get done can be dangerous to start!

I'm glad you had a fun and safe trip.

marina said...

So gald your are back! and yes I know the feelin looking at your watch around 2:30pm all most pick up time for the kids. You got lucky had good weather, now its windly in tx's and cooler 50's.
first class wow !! have never done it before but the way you spoke about it and can see why you would want to fly first class all the time now!! it's so true when you are in coach everyone is on top of everything and you have to fight for you space I think that is why I tend to get a little phobia about the whole flying thing you feel so smash in one place and its hard to move around.
But I am so happy for you that have gotten away and shop!! how fun!!marina

Janice said...

So glad you had a great time. I've never had lobster. Dentist husband loves it.

Calandria said...

mmmm lobster. This post reminds me of that Seinfeld when he is in first class and Elaine is in coach. So funny.

I'll be interested to see what you think of Twilight.

Janet said...

We got upgraded to first class on our way home from our honeymoon. They also gave us a bottle of chardonnay (which we left in Steve's parents fridge as a joke).

I can't go to Target without coming out AT LEAST $50 poorer.