Thursday, May 08, 2008

Best of Big City, Brazil: Havaianas

Once upon a time I lived in a place called Small Town, Mexico.

Living in Small Town was, hmmmmm, how shall I put it?

Challenging. (am I right, or am I right, k-squared's mom?)

It was basically a small, icky, boring, oil town. When I found out we were leaving Small Town to move to Big City, Mexico, I did a dance of joy...and I realized that Small Town wasn't ALL bad, just mostly. So, being the positive person that I am, I started blogging about the "best of Small Town" and the "not so best of Small Town" to help me see the good (while at the same time being realistic). These posts can be found in March-June 2006.

Anyway, I'm going to start doing that here in Brazil; not because living here is anywhere near as bad as Small Town, but because I won't live here forever and I want to remember what it was like, both the positives and the negatives.

So, tonight I will start with a positive. Havaianas flip flops. I love them for several reasons.

1) Comfort.

These Brazilian flip flops are SO comfortable. I don't know why they are so much more comfortable than other flip-flops, they just are. There is no between-the-toes-discomfort that I have, at times, experienced with other flip flops.

2) Price.

The basic model costs around $10.00 USD, metallic ones will cost you a couple bucks more and the "dress" model (see below) costs around $17.00.

3) Availability.

They sell these shoes everywhere. Of course normal places like sporting goods stores and shoe stores have them, but they are also sold at newsstands (that they have on every block), drugstores, and IN THE GROCERY STORE.

Ok. Maybe, just maybe, this could have something to do with my high grocery bills. But really, I can buy either two pairs of shoes or one thing of maple syrup. Sorry kids-no waffles this weekend. (If I don't teach them about sacrifice-who will???)

Chronology of An Addiction

It all started with the basic white model with the cute little Brazilian flag:

Then, I upgraded to my first pair of metallic flip-flops (gold):

Then I realized I was wearing them way to much and that they weren't really dressy enough to wear out to dinner so I bought the dress version (silver):

I was really liking the metallic thing so I decided I needed some bronze:

I know, you're thinking they look just like the gold, but really, they are quite different from one another. See?:

And here's my most recent pair, purchased last Saturday while I tried, unsuccessfully, to find Guapo something for his birthday (isn't me being happy really the best gift I could give Guapo?):

And lest you think this shoe fetish is all about me, check out Pedro's latest pair:

You can bet that when I finally leave Brazil, I will have an a lifetime supply of flip-flops somewhere in my shipment.


Janet said...

I don't know why but that made me laugh. You're too funny! I want a pair of the dressy ones. :)
Flip flops are my favorite - they're year round footwear!

andalucy said...

Those flip flops are quite something! And of course you needed bronze! I see the difference. ;-)

El Jefe and I were checking out your Small Town posts just the other day because I wanted to show him the tope post. (We thought we'd seen topes, but then we drove in the Yucatan...) Anyway, those posts crack me up. I like the Big City ones, too. Especially the one about signage issues.

Awesome Mom said...

Lol! Maybe you could send me a few pairs. I hate wearing the flip flops you can find in the states because they hurt my toes.

Karla said...

It must be so nice to feed your shoe fettish for cheep! The only flip flops I have found (in the US) that I find super comfy are the sketchers $40.00 variety! Yeah, I only have one pair.

Maine Mom said...

In my opinion, you can never have too many flip-flops. And we're encouraged to prepare for the future, right?

Ballerina Girl said...

All I can say is:
I love the black and white pair...where did you get those ones?
I also totally see the significant difference between the bronze and gold models...and of course you need both!
ps-can you convince my husband that I need both too

Janice said...

I was never a flip flop wearer until I discovered Teva flip flops. Now you have me curious about those.

marine's words said...

Love the white one's and at first I couldn't tell between silver&bronze you where right they are all pretty and love the nail polish!
I am coming by to wish you a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! I was pass on these picture to pass on to other mom's and since I am having a hard time linking you name to my blog come by and pick it up.I don't know if you all are having Mother's day over there? But Iam still wishing you one.marina

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with you about small town Mexico.

I love Havaianas too! They are so popular that I was able to buy them last summer in South Africa. Although they did not cost 10-17 usd. I haven't seen the fancy ones before your post and I am so excited to start looking for them here in V. Hope they have them too.

You are right. The best gift to husbands is a happy wife! Happy Mothers' Day!

Kari said...

Yes, I agree that the bronze & gold flip flops are QUITE different from each other.

I try to explain to Frank the difference between my SUNDAY black sandals, and my WEEKDAY black sandals, which are obviously WORLDS apart, but he just kind of stares blankly trying to figure it out...I could buy shoes every day of the week--let's go together next time! :)

JD said...

Here here to good Flops!

marine's words said...

PS. I once lived in a small town and didn't like it and did a little dance just like you when I left but then when I got to the big city I relize my small town was not so bad after all and left some of the best people I will ever know.marina
I like how you cahnge the letters!
looks nice.

Super Happy Girl said...

I loved all the sandals but specially the last ones. I bet Guapo is very happy!

And Gabs, your feet are so tanned!!

Jordanna said...

Get all the Havaianas you can! Check out the prices at Nordstrom
I'll check them out, though...I'm a die hard Reefs fan for flip flops (only certain models, though)...and it wouldn't hurt to branch out!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone help me find a legit wholesaler in volume of Havaianas? I giving out $$ rewards.