Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day-Brazilian Style

I don't think I've ever mentioned the amazing sand sculptures they do along the beaches here in Big City. They truly are works of art, usually consisting of local attractions (Christ the Redeemer, the Sugar Loaf gondola, or make-me-blush barely bikini-ed bottomed sand girls), or special "holiday edition" creations. The "sand sculptors" hang around their sculptures all day to spray them down and to accept donations.

I have never mentioned them because I have never taken any pictures of them before. This is because: a) there's a lot of petty theft at the beaches and b) big waves often come unannounced and soak everything in their path (Guapo lost a cell phone this way). I'm pretty sure it would cost me at least a thousand of dollars to replace my camera that cost me $350.00 in the States, so I leave it at home when we go to the beach.

But today I saw a special Mother's Day sculpture that I had to have a picture of, so I made Guapo drive me down to the beach in the rain (thus the funky drops on the photos-no time to photoshop them out).

Happy Mother's Day (even to those of you who aren't lactating)!!!


Ballerina Girl said...

Parabens Gabs :)
Happy Mother's Day my friend!

andalucy said...

Whoa! That is incredible. Thanks for making Guapo get the camera and for posting these wonderful pics.

Happy Mother's Day! You are an inspiring mother and that's one reason I love to read your blog.

marine's words said...

Happy Mother's day Gab. I have enjoyed getting to know you and that pretty little cat of your.

Janet said...

Shoot, I was already having a hard time (emotionally) weaning Justin. :(
Those sculptors are talented!

Unknown said...

Wow! That is awesome. Lactating mother I will be soon!
I hope you had a nice Mother's Day.

nikko said...

Amazing! Happy Mother's Day!

Karla said...

Wow! I hope your Mother's Day was as amazing as that sculpture!

Super Happy Girl said...


Happy Mother's Day BOFF!