Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Obsessing

Guapo and I have been married almost 13 years now. We have lived in 3 American states, 4 countries, 3 houses, and 6 apartments. The average time we spend in any one place has been 23.67 months. The shortest time we have stayed in one place was Houma, Louisiana (10 months), and the longest has been in Caracas, Venezuela (2 years, 8 months) and even there we lived in 2 different apartments. This blog, which I have now had for just over 3 years, has covered our time in 3 different places (Small Town, Mexico, Mexico City and here in Brazil).

I, in my humble opinion, am an expert mover. It doesn't freak me out-from most places we've lived I've looked forward to it (Washington, DC being the one exception. Well, and Caracas after I visited Small Town). And, since we've now been here in Brazil for 21 months- we are quickly approaching the 23.67 month average time and that means I am gearing up for a move.

But, we recently found out we are staying put for a while longer which I'm fine with-the kids are happy, and it's not a bad place to live.

However. My subconscious mind doesn't care that we're staying-it's entered into my Hyper-Organizational Mode, where I usually fixating on one or two areas and work feverishly until it's done.

This year's obsession?

Digitizing, organizing, and storing all of our photos.

Sounds easy right? I mean, we've had a digital camera for the last 10 years or so-so it can't be that many photos to take care of. Wrong. Pre-marriage college days, wedding pictures, Margarita's birth and first year, professional photos (some of which are in frames), photos that people have given me-both actual photos and emails with photos that I have been saving in my inbox for YEARS! Yikes!!!

And the scanning them-ugggh-so boring and time consuming. Whereas before I wasn't that concerned with backing everything up-now that I've invested a couple of weeks of my life to this project I have two separate external hard drives, I'm backing them up to an online storage site (which took an entire week of uploading!), and now I'm considering also backing them all up on dvds. Why? That's how I am when I'm obsessing-overkill!

So, I'm still around, just a little preoccupied. I need to blog about Margarita's birthday, Pedro (my just turned 2 year old) correctly using the phrase, "What the heck?" and a few other things-so hopefully (for my blog's sake, and Guapo's sake) I'll be done with my photo craze in a few days.


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

I haven't begun doing anything with my prior to digital photos- but I have my pictures in three places as well as many on disc :)

I have no baby pictures due to my parent house flooding, and that may have something to do with my photo obsession. My sister's MAC crashed and they lost almost all their pictures- luckily she had sent us some, and she had backed up at some point, so she lost about a year's worth- which considering it was her son's first year of life- that was a major bummer-

So back up away!

Janice said...

I'm half way through a photo book of toothsome #4 first two years. It has taken forever. I also just purchased a scanner and I haven't plugged it in because I don't want to have another thing to do. I get it.

Liz said...

I need to sort through my photos on my computer too - and print a few. I don't like to print photos without a handy photo album to put them in IMMEDIATELY.

Awesome Mom said...

I need to back up my photos too, thanks for the reminder.

Ballerina Girl said...

You are amazing...your organization just astounds me. I have lived here and there too, and I am no where near as organized!
I have that itch to go too....well, you know how I feel!

Oh well, unless I get kicked out because of Bella's/Coal's barking, we can be here again together!
love ya!

Code Yellow Mom said...

We got a new camera and I've gone crazy taking pictures and have no idea where to begin organizing them, except in dated files. I'm clueless. And if I even start thinking about the pictures from back in the day, before we had any kind of useful camera or way of digitizing, my head starts to hurt. But I still want to get them in order. Badly. So I know the kind of obsessing you're talking about...

Good luck with your project!

(And I enjoyed the stats on your moving...Wow.)

Janet said...

My pics are like the hugest weight on me right now. If I could get my act together like you I could relax. Good for you.

Kari said...

The thought of organizing makes me happy...the DOING part of it is a reality check! You go, girl! :)

Unknown said...

And I thought I took on big projects! Good luck getting it all done. It is definitely a worthy project.

Cute, cute picture of Pedro asleep on the floor...bummer he can get out of his crib, though! This is one area I don't have experience with. For some reason my kids are content in the crib. I don't see anything wrong with a big cage, plenty of room, Pedro is contained and everyone is happy...:-)

Abby said...

Maybe it's too late, and maybe you don't want advice, but in case you're looking for an excuse not to do it, here's my thought: nix the dvds. If you have the photos backed up on external hard drives AND online that's plenty, don't you think? Dvds will just be more to lose, organize, sort, etc. next time you move...

Speaking of which, how long are you staying? Maybe we can visit even if this year doesn't work out (although the chances are looking good!:)