Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It's No April Fool's Day Joke-I'm Back

Ok. My photo situation is finally somewhat under control.

I haven't obsessed like that in I don't know how long. I have been dreaming about photos every night and working on my little "project", that felt like at least a part-time job, incessantly.

Here's what I did:

1) Scanned, divided, cropped, named, dated, and organized HUNDREDS of snapshots from pre-digital days.

2) Scanned or downloaded all professionally taken photos including ALL school photos, both individual and class photos.

3) Imported all the digital photos stored on our PC-this includes photos from our first digital camera-purchased in mid-1998 until I got my laptop 3 years ago-on to my laptop so I could have all of our photos in my photoshop organizer. These were in pretty sloppy shape, so it involved a lot of looking through each folder looking for misplaced or duplicate photos.

4) Went through all my emails looking for ones with photos that I wanted to keep, and that were big enough worth keeping.

5) Went through all of our CD's and DVD's that that people have given us with photos of various activities, and downloaded, organized, and named each file.

6) Backed up all of these photos in at least 3 different places.

And now I never want to take another picture again in my life. Kidding, kidding.

So has life stood still during the madness? Of course not, life has been busy.

Highlights include:

1) After a grueling 24 hour labor, my sister delivered a sweet little baby girl.

2) Margarita's Destination Imagination Team won their country finals challenge, enabling them to travel to Tennessee for the Global Finals where she will represent Brazil (Is this situation comical to anyone else? My American daughter will travel to the States and be, as far as anyone there is concerned, a Brazilian.).

3) Pedro split his chin one night last week around 8:00 pm when the kids were all ready for bed and Guapo was out of town (of course). I had to load all four kids into a cab to go to our pediatrician's friend who is a plastic surgeon. Although he needed it, he didn't want to put him through the trauma of stitching him up so he taped and glued him up (with the very same products that I have in my first-aid kit) and charged me $250.00.

Pedro had peeled everything off by the next morning.

Oh well, it's pretty far under his chin and he's a boy, right?

Sorry, I'd show you photos of all three events, but at this moment, I don't have it in me to download anymore photos and mess with my perfect organized photo files.

Maybe tomorrow. I promise I'll be a better blog friend in April. :)


Ballerina Girl said...

Impressive my friend! Great job...
Yay Margarita...Tennessee here you all come!

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

Wow- just- WOW! and what a funny about your daughter representing Brazil in her native country. Ironic to say the least. 250- ouch. On the plus side- now you know what to do next time so it is cheaper then medical school- and I am a big fan of butterfly bandages myself.

Kari said...

Oh, man, you're kidding me on the photo organization, right...I have the same hodge-podge locations of all kinds of random

And, thanks for the chuckle on going to Tennessee to represent Brazil! I'll have to tell that one to Frank, he'll get a kick out of it too.

Stephanie said...

WOW. That's a lot in a small period of time!!

Congrats to your winner!!

Awesome Mom said...

You are amazing!!! I am scared to organize my photos.

Code Yellow said...

Your photo organization skills are making my head spin. Wow. I want to do that. But it's only a very small vague want right now, because I know if I get started, it won't be pretty until I am finished. :)

Loved the highlights. Especially that your daughter is a Brazilian rep!

Good to see you again.

Fabiola said...

Do you want to join me in São Paulo and organize my pics??? LOL.

Janet said...

You are my hero! I'm totally inspired to get crackin' on my pics. Or how about I just buy you a plane ticket and you come do it for me?? :)
Too funny about Margarita. Great job though!
Jackson busted open his (under) chin too at that age. He still has a scar. So does Steve. It's a boy thing.

txmommy said...

well, I don't know what a destination imagination team is but how cool that they won and how funny that she's going to represent Brazil. It's kind of like in the Olypmics when athlets go and compete for another country, I always find that odd.