Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday (zzzzzzz) to (zzzzzzz)You!

Tonight we have been invited to the birthday party of our 87-year old friend from church. He's American, but his wife's Brazilian so this will be a Brazilian shindig.

When my grandpa turned 90 a few years back we had a lovely party for him with all the family, a nice bbq lunch, and a cake with his photo on it. It started at noon and lasted for a few hours (until it was time for grandpa's nap).

Would you like to take a guess at what time the party starts tonight for our 87 year old friend?

9 pm.

And we're in Brazil, folks. That means people won't even start showing up until 10 or 10:30. Our maid is staying tonight and I was trying to explain that I don't want to be out too late and she laughed and said, "Oh, you won't be home anytime before midnight!"

Don't old people usually go to bed early?

It's going to be a little embarrassing for me, spring chicken at 34 years old, to be dozing off at the old geezer's party.

And, what the heck do you get for an 87 year old who's not your grandpa??? I somehow don't think a coffee cup with a photo of my kids would be appreciated, what do you think? Is it totally lame to get him a tie?

Ideas and suggestions are welcome (and encouraged)!


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

A mini scrap book/ photo album with pics from people in the ward would have been fun- but I don't think you can pull that off by tonight- even if you do have until 10:30ish :)

Next best thing- can you cook him some sort of treat?

Ballerina Girl said...

too funny...
Why not get him a ????
hahaha, I have no idea! I was goin g to say a box of chocolates, but how lame is that?
what about a gift certificate from a restaurant? movie tickets?

Good luck with gift, hope you can stay up late enough and have a great story to tell us when you return!

Thanks for yesterday!

Awesome Mom said...

Seriously I would die if I had to stay at a party that late. I am just not a late night party gal any more (if I ever was).

Gabriela said...

HN: yes, a little book like that would have been really cool. Maybe I'll make some chocolate chip cookies-he is American after all!

BG: yes, I guess if the dude stays up that late he could go to a movie, eh?

AM: yes, I am dying myself. I'm already tired and it's not even 7pm.

Fabiola said...

It seems that elder people in Brazil and if they live close by the beach, where the care free life style is some kind of workship (it not matters where are they from), late parties, late celebrations are their life style. I met plenty of this kind when I lived in Bahia.

I hope you could find a nice gift for him.


No Cool Story said...

"Don't old people usually go to bed early?"

I am going to bed right now.