Friday, May 01, 2009

Birthday Party Report

We survived the birthday party and actually had a very nice time. We were served leg of lamb at 11 pm, but other than that, it was pretty normal. We made it home just after midnight-not too bad. It of course wasn't too surprising that we were the first to leave the party.

Our friend is just such a cute guy. He is so with it for an 87 year old-he's up on all current events, remembers all of our kids' names and ages, and is just a pleasant, positive person to be around. His wife is so sweet to me, whenever I'm around her she is constantly telling me how young I look for someone who has 4 kids. I like being around people like that. :)

Here he is blowing out his candles:

And here he is with his wife and 21 year old daughter (we found out she was adopted which saves me the time of constantly trying to do the math as to how old his wife must have been when she had her):

Someone at the party asked him what his secret is for aging so well. He attributed it to 3 things:

1. Having a daughter when he was 66
2. Joining the LDS church when he was 81
3. Always using sunscreen

He is the only member of the church in his family and although his wife has some reservations about the church, she is very supportive of him. Here's the cake she made him:

Isn't that cute? A fishing pole, an American flag and a Book of Mormon.

And as far as a gift, we ended up giving him a copy of Gordon B. Hinckely's (previous president of the LDS church) book, "Standing for Something". I think he'll like it.

I can only hope that I am as happy and healthy when I am 87 years old (although I do hope I'm not still having kids in my late 60's)!


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

Oh- Great gift idea! And how awesome is that cake! Hope the wife will end up joining-

Fabiola said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful time!!! He looks so happy!!!

Au revoir!!


txmommy said...

what a sweet cake!
fun party. I kind of wish, sometimes, that American parties lasted longer and were more festive~ especially mormon american parties. We have a spanish branch that has awesome ward socials where they stay late and people socialize. Our ward is happy if we're done in under an hour :)

No Cool Story said...

I am glad I read this posts in order.

That cake is pretty nifty!

He joined the church at 81? WOW! That's pretty cool.

"...which saves me the time of constantly trying to do the math" That made me :D like you have no idea.

Stephanie said...

That is SO sweet!! I loved Standing for Something and I am sure he will too!!

Ballerina Girl said...

sounds like it was fun...
kids at any other age after these two seems a little off, hahaha!
I am sure you will be that healthy when you hit 87...we'll have to get together again!