Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Why Tuesday Is the New Monday

Isn't the "X is the new Y" phrase totally over used and cliche now? Well, sorry, but I never really got sick of it since I wasn't living in the States when the whole thing started-and speaking of the which, did it all start because of that line in Devil Wears Prada, or had it started before that?

Anyway, back to why Tuesday is the "new Monday". It's not really the new "Monday" because I've never been a person who dislikes Monday; when I was a kid I didn't dreaded school the way some people did (Guapo) and now I like it because my kids go back to school and I get a little peace and quiet around here (sorry kids, just being honest).

But then, my little cliche phrase wouldn't have worked had I used some day other than Monday, right?

My blog and the fates have chosen thus far not to interfere with my half-marathon training.

And so I continue...

I don't really follow a training program per say-too rigid and then if I don't do as well as I had intended to, at least I can find comfort in telling myself, "well, had I had a training program perhaps..."

My program includes 4 days of running:

1 long run (each on 5-10 minutes longer than the previous week)
1 fast run
1 uphill run
1 normal run

Tuesday is the designated Long Run day. I never take the kids to school on Tuesday because Pedro has his swim class-so I've been getting up earlier and earlier (not my forte) each Tuesday to finish in time to watch him swim.

Here was my course today:

10. 5 miles in 90 minutes and, no, I wasn't drunk (or swimming) as the line may suggest.

I don't really mind the actual run-it's just how crappy I feel the rest of the day-tired, achy and a little grouchy. The sad thing is, no matter how much I train here at sea level there's not much I can do to prepare for the 10,500 ft of altitude that I'll face on race day. I'm considering running with some cotton up my nose to reduce the amount of oxygen available.

At least I am 7 (well, 6 1/2 now) days away from 95 minutes.

Unless my blog curses me first...(please?)


jules said...

You are awesome! I was thinking about running another half this summer, but I just don't have it in me. The thought of those long training runs scares me away. Can't wait to hear how it goes. I know you will do great.
BTW-We are so sad we won't get to see you this summer!

Ballerina Girl said...

impressive my friend...
I can not imagine running all of that, but I do walk quite a bit every day with Bella now....
see you tomorrow :)

Fabiola said...

You are quite impressive.It is a long run.

I just got home from RJ. Every time my plane lands there, you and BG come to my mind.


Janice said...

I thought it wasn't safe for you to run outside and you were stuck having to use the treadmill?

Anyway, I am now officially intimidated by you. I have to really get cracking if in a year, I am going to run that race.

No Cool Story said...

10. 5 miles in 90 minutes
Huh hu.

Excuse me a minute.

No Cool Story said...

Ok, now that I picked up myself off the floor:

And ITA wih Janice, I'm also intimidated!

Janet said...

I feel crappy after my 20-30 minute run. Just kidding, but any longer than that I sure do. You rock.

Kari said...


I hear you on the working-out-at-sea-level thing. Frank & I trained to climb Mt. Whitney (fourteener in CA) while living at sea level and it is different...BUT, that cotton-in-the-nose thing I hadn't thought of, and it made me LOL. Hard. :)