Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh the Places You'll Go, Baseball Potty

My mom's visit is sadly drawing to a close. We've had such a nice visit and it has helped me out so much to have her here, and not just in the potty training department. Gaupo had some issues with his back last week that left him immobilized for several days and it just so happens that the kids also had the week off school- so had my mom not been here I for sure would have gone crazy trying to take care of him and amuse 4 kids in an apartment.

At least half of the "Hey Mom-watch this!" were converted into "Hey Grandma, watch this!" which was key in keeping my sanity.

But, let's be honest here, when you're potty training, life is all about potty training for a time (how long that time is depends on the kid). My mom selflessly went through the very demanding first week with me, keeping me enthusiastic about it when at times I felt like throwing in the towel.

And another special thanks to Margarita, she has done way more potty training with Pedro this week than I have. She has spent a lot of time sitting close to him while he's doing his business, reading books or playing airplanes. Once again, she has amazed me with her goodness. :)

So, let's have a look at some of our activities during the past week keeping in mind that potty training is an all-consuming task:

We visited the zoo

I wanted to put Pedro in a diaper so we could actually enjoy the zoo, but my mom insisted that he not be confused by wearing a diaper again. She even volunteered to carry his bulky baseball potty around the zoo with us.

It paid off, he was accident free (although he doesn't look to happy about being out in the open with me taking his photo, does he?).

The zoo here has your basic elephants, giraffes, lions, tigers, bears etc. but it is also LOADED with Brazilian monkeys. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Here my mom is with the kids, all very interested in a much less exotic animal: your garden variety stray cat.

We visited the jungle

There's a cool place near us called Parque Lage that used to be a coffee plantation and now it's a jungle-y park you can walk through. It has a cave the kids can explore and a waterfall you can climb up. We actually had never been until Guapo's brother and his wife came for a visit in May and now we go all the time.

Here's the cave:

Here are some cool frogs the kids caught:

Here are some hungry monkeys (finally, on her third trip down here, my mom got to see monkeys in the wild. I'm always talking about them and then when I take her to places where I see monkeys without fail, there are none to be found.)

And here's Pedro on his baseball potty:

My mom loves this picture because she thinks it looks like I'm praying that Pedro will hurry up and go.

Here's my mom, dutifully carrying the potty around again. It's got a flusher that makes a cheering sound every time it's touched in the slightest. Darn thing kept going off and driving us crazy.

We Went Biking

We went on a 45 minute bike ride around the lake and Pedro went in underwear and kept them dry.

Afterwards we all had a coconut and Pedro was able to hold it until we got home.

We Celebrated Julio's Birthday (Birthday Post Forthcoming, For Now It's All About the Potty)

Here's Pedro, enjoying Julio's birthday cake whilst upon the throne. I know, it's gross to eat on the pot, but it's even grosser to be cleaning up pee in the dining room while everyone else is eating cake.

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

We Went Swimming

Again, with the eating. I think it's a good technique-it seems to get things moving.

Ok, who's feeling sorry for Pedro here? None of my other kids have had their potty training chronicled for the world to see. I feel bad, but not bad enough not to post. I hope he forgives me. He's been a great little potty trainer. Very few accidents so far (and yes, he finally did go #2 on his potty. We left him alone in his room with lots of books and toys and it finally happened).

On Sunday, Margarita took him (and the baseball potty) out during Sacrament meeting to go to the bathroom. He came running back in a few minutes later and as he approached our bench bellowed out, "I POOHED. COME ON EVERYONE, COME AND SEE!" (he's become a little too accustomed to all of us encircling him and clapping when he "produces")We don't have a lot of English speakers at church so nobody found his outburst too amusing.

I owe all of this potty training joy to my mom; if it had been up to me, I probably would have waited until we got back from our Christmas trip at the end of January.

It does make me a little sad though-he's less and less of a baby every day.

Oh well, such is life.

Thanks for the fun visit and great memories mom, we love you!


Jeanie said...

What a trooper your mom is. Tell her I promise she won't have to carry a potty on our upcoming trip (though I remember one trip where maybe we should have).

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

I have never seen nor heard of anyone hauling their training potty around. Maybe I will pass that idea around to my sisters and nieces who are in that stage of life.

Cute potty- never seen one like that. Hope your mom restocked your contraband. My son's last package got sent back from customs.

Janice said...

Those pictures are priceless. I got ours out and Toothsome #4 refuses to even look at it. Looks like we will be waiting a few more months.

Awesome Mom said...

I am glad that it is going well. Harry made me want to tear my hair out at times and I am so not looking forward to doing it again.

Gordon said...

What a great job done by your mom and Pedro. Sara had a collapsible potty with a disposable plastic liner, she would whip out all over in Brooklyn, NY when she was toilet training Scout. A little more portable than the one your sweet mom carried. Brooklyn also has no public bathrooms to use, so it came in very handy.

We certainly enjoyed your precious children in our Primary this summer.
Kathleen Lewis

Lucy said...

Yay for your Mom and Yay for Pedro! I love it that you took the potty everywhere and got pics. Yes, it is worth it even if he's a little embarrassed some day. (You can always delete the post before then, right? :-)) And it's not like you HAVE to show those pics to his future wife or anything...

Fabiola said...

Your mom was really a God send this past week.

Pedro is so grown up and what a handsome little guy he is.

I hope Guapo is doing better (what is with men and their backs???). Paulo has big issues with his back too. And I am the one "babysitting" him.

Have a great week,


Kari said...

Well! I don't often read a blog post that makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD. Thank you for my chuckle for the day! :)

Taking the potty to the zoo--your mom is fantastic. Those caves you went to look awesome, and Teresa would be ALL about those frogs your kids caught. Hope Guapo feels better soon.

Betty said...

I hope I can help my daughters and grandchildren one day, like this. Your mom is really great!

Stephanie said...

How great to have your mom with you to help out!! So glad Pedro seems to be getting the hang of the potty!!

Ave said...

oh man, I laughed through reading that entire post. yay Pedro!

txmommy said...

that is the funniest potty training log I have ever seen! Yeah Pedro!