Monday, December 14, 2009

My Mom Is Bossing Me Around Like I'm 12

So my mom didn't like my sunbathing Santa header. You know, this one:

She's been calling me for days, begging me to change it. She's even sent me possible replacement photos. He grosses her out for some reason. Poor Santa. So, to get her off my back, I've changed to the Christmas tree on the Lagoa out in front of our house. Supposedly it is the largest floating Christmas tree in the world and who am I to doubt that? I've never even seen another floating Christmas tree before. We have a perfect view of it- Margarita lays in bed at night and looks right out at the beautiful tree.

I love Christmas, but man, it's a lot of work. I was thinking last night I need to hire a Christmas Coordinator, something akin to a wedding planner, to help me make it through the season. I'm not begrudging Christmas, I love this time of year more than any other; I love giving gifts and making cookies, listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies, traveling home to see loved ones. This year my lists just seem so long-maybe it's living here? I've got to prepare gifts for the maid, her sons, the driver, the guards of the building, the tennis teachers, the piano teacher, the regular teachers, assorted friends and colleagues. And then there're all the people in the States that we will be seeing this year that I need to buy for. I've got a spreadsheet going to help me keep track of all the gifts.

I'm about to start handing out "A donation has been made in your behalf to the Human Fund" cards.

Is there this much gift giving going on in the States?

I think I'm ALMOST done. A few more little things here and there. We leave on Thursday (yay!) and I want to have it all done by then so I can just relax and enjoy our vacation.

So, just a few random Christmas things:

Music Presentation

The music teacher combined the music presentations this year, so I only had to go to one (last year I had three different presentations on three different days). My boys only tolerate these presentations. About a week before they start mumbling about being sick and the day of it's like pulling teeth getting them up and dressed. Then they stand there and move their lips and kind of sway as the other kids belt it out and do their dance moves.

They definitely weren't having as much fun as this guy:

Finally, A Good Gift

At our book club Christmas party each year, we do one of those stealing present games. I have not had much success, until this year.

The first year was a disaster. If you remember, I held in my had a bag full of wonderful American goodies only to have it stolen from me from some mean lady who is no longer apart of book club. Good riddance. (I'm just joking people. Well, mostly)

I was left with these very bright Unicef place mats (that I later re-gifted to my Mom).

Last year wasn't as traumatic, but this was my gift, a little wood thing to hang in the kitchen (it now hangs in the kitchen of my maid, if she didn't re-gift it, that is):

But this year, I won't be re-gifting my gift. I scored this cute bracelet:

And while I'm taking pictures of myself, do you want to see my tennis tan? Despite using 50 SPF sports sunscreen (i.e. sweat proof), look at my arm:

I would expect the top of my arm to be tanned, but check out the bottom:

I must have some awesome moves to be getting that much sun on that part of my arm.

Looks like I need to reapply more often.

Did I mention we're going to freeze our fannies off in Colorado and Utah?

Christmas Magic

I was in the mall last week with Julio (9 yrs old) and I as we passed the Santa who was sitting there without any children on his lap, I teased him about going and telling Santa what he wants for Christmas. He said to me in his, "mom, I'm too old for that kind of stuff" voice, "Mom, I know how things work." My heart sank a little and then he said, "I know that's just a guy in a suit, the real Santa doesn't go to malls." (...and my heart rises back to it's normal position)

Hope you're all enjoying the season!


k-cubed's mom said...

That's lovely tan you have there! You'd really stand out in Utah and Colorado!
Isn't innocence and faith great? My 9-yr old is still a believer.

Ballerina Girl said...

I liked the swim suit Santa, but can see a little how it could gross you Mom out, hahaha!
I hope we freeze in Pittsburgh too...I WANT SNOW!!!

Love ya!

Janice said...

My siblings boss my around like I am an eight year old. I bet your moss is nicer about it too. :)

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

Well- if you wanted a white Christmas- you will be getting one- We are getting dumped on here in Utah- Salt Lake was super cold on Friday- but warmed back up so it could snow-

I like the Santa- but I think I prefer the floating tree- and guess what- my mom bosses me around on my blog too. She tells me to change things sometimes. I mean really- if it was my journal, would she be the editor? LOL!

And as for Julio- I can so relate. Almost all my "babies" are past the point of no return- two may be, but as of yet haven't confessed, because they know- if you stop believing- he stops coming :)

Abby said...

The swim suit santa is funny, but the new photo is very pretty, so I have to say I'm with your mom on this one. Good for Julio--I still believe in Santa too!

Jeanie said...

I was okay with the Santa, but I could. not. look. at that Swine flu pig guy you posted a while back. I had breakfast with your mom this morning...she didn't seem bossy to me at all. You need to let us be a little bossy sometimes just to make us feel like we still have a little bit of say-so (even though we know we don't).

Betty W said...

Enjoy your vacation in the states! Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

nikko said...

Love the new photo. So pretty!

My nine year old starting putting it together this year and we had to tell him before he went blabbing all sorts of theories to his younger brothers. Sigh. So sad!

pbianchi said...

I don't think a comment like "get that Santa off your blog or I'll never open it again" sounds bossy. It's just a wee nudge. BTW, you're photography is fantastic of the tree.

Kari said...

Wow, I hear you on the Christmas-coordinator thing! Last night I curled up on the couch and moaned, from all the details and gifts and packaging and treats...Frank brought over a clipboard and I dictated while he wrote down THIRTY things I need to do, then later I thought of ELEVEN more...'tis the season! Good Luck :)

andalucy said...

I don't know what it is with me, but I am so relaxed this year. I'm not worrying much about gifts. Not doing the annual Christmas letter. Not making tamales. Maybe not even doing teacher gifts (seems it's not common here). This must be the year I'm off duty. It's great!

I love your bracelet!

Love the new photo. (But the old one made me laugh!)

My 9 yr old boy still believes in Santa too. :-)

Ave said...

It sounds like you are buying presents for everyone and their mother too! Next year, don't buy anything for the extra people in your life like teachers and such, just focus on the kids. We don't even do cousin and sibling presents anymore outside our immediate family, much less stressful.

Fabiola said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip back home, full of snow....
It has been way too hot this past few days. We are getting a coller brise this morning, but I am not sure how long will last.

The Santa picture is funny, but the tree is much more pretty. There is one park in São Paulo, where the Santas are in exercise clothes and they are riding bikes, running, doing crunches. I must stop by to take a few pictures.

You and my mom should meet. She buys gifts to everyone, from the doormen, to the doctors that took care of my brother when he had cancer 10 years ago. I can think that your list must have the same lenght as hers ; )


Unknown said...

For the record, Kate loves the sunbathing Santa picture. :-)

Good luck getting everything done before you leave. I've been working on several online projects for Christmas that I am now done with. Yay!

Lynne said...

This year I got done with shopping for family, immediate and extended early but that still leaves a ton of work for everyone else (Lucas' friends, teachers, neighbors, friends, and lots of Relief Society). I've decided to go simple and everyone is getting anti bacterial soap or a SMALL loaf of bread with an even SMALLER jam, (which is store bought). I just don't want to stress too much about it, and I hope you don't too. By the way, have fun coming here to the cold!!!