Saturday, March 13, 2010

Be Very Precise When Making Deals with the Tooth Fairy

A couple of years ago, about the time Juan Carlos was turning 5, I started teasing him about how he couldn't grow up and that he always had to be my baby. As he watched with envy as both Margarita and Julio were losing teeth and receiving money from the Tooth Fairy, I would explain to him that that wasn't going to happen to him because I had had a long talk with her and explained that he was going to stay my baby forever, so he really had no need to lose his baby teeth.

Kindergarten came and went and Juan Carlos watched nearly all of his classmates lose their lower bottom baby teeth, but he never did. And now, more than halfway through 1st grade, the kids are to losing their upper front teeth like crazy and yet Juan Carlos still has yet to lose a single tooth.

We had a close call a few weeks ago when it appeared that he had a loose tooth, but then it mysteriously un-loosened itself. It was so cute, during those few days that it was loose, I would complain about "that darn Tooth Fairy not keeping her promise," and he would tell me, "Don't worry mom, I'll still be your baby!" Melts my heart.

Then, after it appeared that she remembered our little deal and the tooth ceased to be wiggly, we noticed that he had a gap between two lower teeth that was never there before. Upon inspection of his mouth, this is what we found:

Do you see that? The white behind his front teeth? It's his permanent tooth:


That's not exactly what I had in mind. It's true I didn't want him to lose his baby teeth, but I also meant that I didn't want him to get his big boy teeth. Now he's like a shark growing a second row of teeth (and, oddly enough, his latest obsessions are sharks and shark teeth, coincidence? I think not). It now appears that he'll have to have the baby teeth pulled by the dentist on Monday unless he can do some serious loosening between now and then.

While there is some discussion in our house right now of the validity of the Easter Bunny, Juan Carlos will always and forever believe in the Tooth Fairy. You don't want to mess with her.


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

My son just had to have his 8 baby molars pulled in December :( His adult teeth still have not made an appearance. The orthodontist might have to pull them in :( boo.

Hope you can get some good ortho care.

Fabiola said...

HA!!!Poor Juan Carlos. I can write a book when it comes to permanent tooth: tooth that didn't grow, tooth that grew on the left side of mouth instead of in the right side where it was supposed to be ... And this is just the begining ; )

As for your question: we are not having any rain for now. But as the french call we are in the middle of the cannicule, which means it is TOO hot for this time of the year. So the rain must be eminent.

I am really looking forward to meet you and BG in person.

Betty said...

So funny! Poor guy. I bet he will believe anything you tell him...

Lynne said...

Lucas' teeth have done the same thing. He's only lost two teeth and in both cases the permanent tooth was coming in behind. One the dentist had to pull and one came out on it's own.

Kari said...

Nice deal you made with the tooth fairy, Gabriela! I hate having the dentist pull them out...oh well, that other tooth does look like it's coming in regardless of who does the wiggling.

Not So Average Teenager said...

my Dani had shark teeth too. Lots of orthodontics for us.

Brother has not lost any teeth yet nor had one wiggle and he is almost 8.

Maine Mom said...

That is so sad that his first tooth-losing experience will be at the dentist!