Sunday, April 04, 2010

I've Just Got to Get This Over With

When you get away from your blog for too long, does it haunt you day and night? Do you feel guilty every time you get on your computer and then start to avoid using your computer altogether? I do. I don't know why it happens, the lulls that is- I guess for different reasons, getting too busy, nothing bloggable going on, etc., etc. And once I'm behind I never know where to start again. I don't like to go back and cover what I've missed; I prefer to start with where I'm at, but that makes it a little choppy.

Oh well. I've got to get back to it so I can start to use my computer again instead of relying solely on my iPhone.

I've missed blogging about two birthdays, a fun trip to Sao Paulo, meeting a blog friend IRL, and an abudance of house problems including, but not limited to, termites, broken appliances and oodles of leaks; I will try to do a catch up post or two at least on the birthdays.

But for now, just a cute little Easter story.

Guapo and I were up a lot last night because Pedro had the croup really bad. It was scary and we started thinking we were going to have to make a trip to the ER, but his airways finally opened up and he could sleep, although with labored breathing.

We had told the kids last night that the egg hunt would not begin until 8am. When 8 am rolled around the three big kids stormed into our room demading that we bounce out of bed. Because we were so tired we didn't move quickly enough for them.

Juan Carlos (6 years old) asked, "Which do you like more, Easter or sleeping?" to which we both grumbled, "sleeping".

In a shocked voice he asked, "WHAT??? You mean you don't like the ressurection?"

So cute.

Ok. I'm back blogging. That wasn't so hard.

(And just for the record, I do like the ressurection. Very much. Even more than sleeping.)


Ballerina Girl said...

welcome back..and yes, very cute indeed!
Hope Pedro is feeling better today. let me know if I can do anything!


Betty said...

YES! I feel exactly like you described. For me it´s because I think I have nothing to blog about and I do way to many meme´s, just so I post something. But I know that get´s old after a while. I hope inspiration grabs me soon, because I´m feeling the guilt....
I love the story of how your son woke you. I miss those days, where the kids were so excited for easter egg hunts.
I hope Pedro is feeling better!

Lynne said...

Best answer ever about why you should like Easter over sleeping!

Fabiola said...

I hope Pedro is doing better.

I am glad you are back. I was about to e-mail you to check up if everything was all right (I ended up doing it due to the heavy rain).

Juan Carlos is such a caracter. You might end up with a whole book about his stories.

Super Happy Girl said...

;D Oh you know it.
I'm glad we are both here.