Saturday, September 11, 2010

Officially a Soccer Mom (I think)

Just wanted you all to know I experienced an American first today: I went to Julio's and Juan Carlos's first soccer games. In my minivan, of course.

Are there any other requirements for being a "soccer mom" that I don't know about?

Unfortunately, both teams lost. :( Julio scored the only goal for his team, so at least there's that. For the most part the parents behaved-only a few who got a little too excited with calls made against their sons.

All and all, a fun time!

Next time I have to take orange slices (maybe then I'll be a true soccer mom?).


Fabiola said...

Well, you have another first out of your list ; )

I hope you are enjoying a lot the new life.

Ballerina Girl said...

Lookin good there!
I'll call you tomorrow during the day when the kids are at school. We are in Key West right now!

Love ya and miss ya!

Kari said...

Awesome: The minivan seals the deal-- Of COURSE that makes you a soccer mom! Kara's team lost on Saturday, too.

Janice said...

I was a soccer mom and then couldn't handle it.

andalucy said...

Good job soccer momming! As seriously as other countries may take soccer, they simply can not rise to the U.S. level in the soccer mom category. It's the lack of minivans.

We had mostly positive experiences with kids' soccer in the US. There was just one game we had where there was phenomenally bad sportsmanship. I can't even believe it myself when I remember it. It was the parents, of course. The kids were fine.

Unknown said...

I have become an official school soccer mom and I can't believe how busy my life has become!

Yay Julio for scoring the only goal!

Fabiola said...

Thinking of you and BG this morning!!

I hope everything is well.

utmommy said...

Being a soccer mom is such fun!