Friday, December 10, 2010

Forced Holiday Decorating

About a month ago, someone from the Relief Society (women's organization of our church) asked if they could have their Christmas dinner at our house. "Sure, no problem!" I told them. Then the rest of the month everyone kept telling me how "brave" I was for hosting. I was starting to get really paranoid near the end, did they know something that I did not?

It was a lot of work to get our house ready, but it forced us to do some things we'd been putting off (like washing those windows way, way up there-requiring me to get on the roof, setting up the treadmill and hanging some pictures that had been sitting around for MONTHS) , but I didn't have to be in charge of the invitations, the food, or the program (the things that stress me out), so it worked just fine for me.

The party was a success and now my house will look great for the rest of the season. Here are some photos:

Yes, that's a real tree-isn't it perfectly shaped? Several people asked me where I got such a real looking artificial tree. And those lights? They took about 10 trips to Target and 5 years off of Guapo's life to get them just how he wanted them.

Finally, something up in that space that bugs me everyday. Watering them could be difficult. I don't think dead poinsettias will be quite as festive.

Look at those awesome pillows I found. I was so proud of myself.

My favorite room of the house-so cozy for Christmas.

Guapo's tree that took an additional 2 years off of his life.

My animal from Venezuela greeted people as they arrived.

And look at Kitty with the golden reindeer the previous owners left up in the attic.

I'm practically done with my holiday shopping and wrapping so things are good. Now, if only it would snow. We've only gotten and inch and a half here-very dissapointing to my kiddos.

I hope you're having a wonderful December.


Janice said...

Your house looks great!

Ballerina Girl said...

Wow, it is beautiful Gabriela!
I love decorating, but do not have my "stuff" yet! It should be here hopefully by the beginning of February...ha, we shall see!

I can't believe you do not have snow yet! We don't here either, but Pittsburgh does, and a lot of it supposedly! Only a few more days and we will be headed there, yay!

Miss u,

andalucy said...

Everything looks great! Those couch pillows are lovely. I congratulate you on that find. :-) The tree looks incredible! Couldn't those people smell the tree or did they think you were pulling the wool over their eyes with a pine-scented candle?

I finally got out the nativities today. No tree yet. I hope Ikea is selling them again this year. Otherwise I have no idea where to buy one!

Lynne said...

We had lots of snow in November but now it's almost all gone. I'm hoping for some before Christmas Day--Bryan isn't because the Elders are in charge of shoveling the church's sidewalks this month.

Your home looks beautiful. I bet it's wonderful to have your own home this year to decorate!

Abby said...

How pretty! I love all the decorations--it looks very cozy and Christmasy.

Super Happy Girl said...

Looks so pretty!
I have that coffee table and red pillows too.
Where is my picture of kitty in the Christmas tree?
Is you animal form Venezuela a tapir or an ant eater?

Gabriela said...

SHG: Kitty is reforming her ways and trying not to receive coal again this year for Christmas.

I don't know what Animal is; I've always thought of him as an anteater, but now I'm doubting myself. Poor Animal.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful home and so beautifully decorated for Christmas! That was sweet of you to have the Christmas party in your home. I bet the sisters loved gathering in such a festive, cozy place. :-)

utmommy said...

Looks beautiful. Your living room does look quite cozy!