Monday, March 20, 2006

Not So Best of Small Town Mexico-Our Bathtub Situation

One thing I don't like about living here is our bathtub. Or, better stated, our lack of a bathtub.

Hardly any of the homes here have bathtubs. We have these huge showers that are akin to a cave. At the far end is a little shower head where the water trickles out at best. So, we have purchased a plastic bin to bathe the kids in. They seem to be ok with it.

Except for when we go to Sam's Club and they look longingly at the fancy, big bathtubs hanging from the wall.

Julio: Mom, can we buy a bathtub?

Gabriela: Where would we put it?

Julio: In the toy room.

Gabriela: Hmmmm, not today.

On the upside, it makes going to a hotel or to Grandma's house all the more exciting.

Happy bathing to you and yours!


Nantie Meg said...

Oh my gosh, Julio and Juan Carlos are getting so big!! I wish I could see their reactions the next time y'all go visit Grammy in Houston!!

Papa said...

I'm more of a shower kinda guy, myself. But I like good water pressure which it sounds like you don't have.

Grammy said...

I'm sorry there's no bath tub, but the up side got to take a classic shot of the little buddies in the bin. Now, not every family has one of those! Do the apts in Mexico City have tubs? Great things to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

The kids look so cute! I'll have to wait for their reaction to this picture on the web a few years from now. I never missed the tub since I never had enough time to fill it before one of my kids begin howling for me. These days, staying in a hotel with a tub brings such precious smiles to their faces - the kind only seen when you enter a toys r' us store.

Kathryn Thompson said...

You are heartless. I think a bathtub would go great in the toy-room. Such a cute picture. No, I'm not stalking you and I'm not your husband. :)