Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tales From the Potty

I had a proud moment as a mother this week. In the battle against my boys’ love of potty talk (you know, catch phrases like "poopy" "pee-pee" "gas", "fart"**, "butt"** that are like a little dose of laughing gas for my little guys), I finally found a way to use it to my advantage.

In an attempt to get the Julio (5 1/2) to eat his veggies the other day I decided to let him in on the little secret about the veggie du jour: asparagus. He ate 5 spears and waited with giddy anticipation. He was not disappointed. We will be having asparagus a lot more often around here.

In other bathroom news:

1. The other night the two boys both got out of bed to go to the bathroom. Juan Carlos (almost 3) peed intentionally on Julio's leg. Major screaming. By the time Guapo made it into their room, Juan Carlos had tucked himself back in bed and was saying, "Sorry Julio, Sorry. SHHHHHHH. Please be quiet."

2. Juan Carlos told me Tuesday morning that he had a pineapple in his bottom.

3. Juan Carlos recently finished potty training. We still have two little potties around the house. Julio (5 1/2) decided he wanted to try one out yesterday. It was #2.

4. Juan Carlos is insisting on wearing boxers instead of briefs.

5. When I ask Juan Carlos if he has to go to the bathroom he says in the cutest little voice, "No thanks mom" like I am offering him a cracker or something.

**these words are taboo in our house, and in so being, cause a much greater response


Crazy and lovin' it said...

I just can't wait until full sentenses come out!!

Southern Blonde Belle said...

Haha! I was a nanny for a short while, and I can relate to this. I discovered that when a three-year-old says that she has to use the bathroom while I am driving, it doesn't mean until we find the closest restroom. It mean NOW! I thought the back-seat of my car was going to be introduced to a new substance. Luckily we made it to a gas station. Close call though.

Papa said...

I'm dying over here! Best technique I've heard of to get kids to eat their vegetables. See you guy's in a few weeks.

Flo from Akron said...

What is the secret about asaparagus? I'm assuming you mean the health benefits, but what was he waiting in anticipation for? If there is a secret about asparagus, I'd like to know what it is.

K-squared's Mom said...

I have not laughed like this in sooo loong! I can't wait to get my son into this 'secret" too. Unfortunately, I'd have to wait a couple more years for him to understand this. I'm sure that if I found myself in these situations, I'd either be banging my head or laughing my brains out! I can't imagine your expression when Julio tried JC's potty! I am totally interested as to what brought about the pineapple incident. Well, yeah, JC says "no thanks" because while he was potty training, going potty meant a definite treat was on the way. I love it when he asks for a treat and he's told no, he'll have a counter offer - go potty? Your kids are sooooo hilarious!!!

amber said...

Such a fun site; I found it from another's! Though at Christmastime, a rather disturbing fact about asparagus was revealed around the dinner table. Something about an augmented smell in the bathroom afterwards? Consider yourself warned. :-)

Yo Mama said...

I'm scratching my head saying "what's the deal with the pineapple?" Poor little Juan Carlos. I definately understand the aparagus since Andrea & her friends always make a point to discuss it at the table when we're eating aparagus (at age 26 - it will never stop). Good luck!

Gabriela said...

Anyone's guess is as good as mine in regard to the pineapple in the bottom comment. It was totally out of the blue and he didn't offer up any other information.

Anonymous said...

Still dying to know about the secret about asparagus--maybe it will help me like it better!