Thursday, March 16, 2006

Three Cheers for Harry Potter

Margarita got a new kid in her class last week. His arrival was much anticipated since she lost her entire class in December when the set of triplets that made up her class moved to Venezuela. The new boy was supposed to arrive in January from his native Australia. For two months Guapo coached Margarita on how to say, "G'day mate," and "Put another shrimp on the barbie, will ya mate?"

Finally he arrived. When I picked her up from school his first day I asked her what he was like, and if he spoke differently. She said he had a hard time understanding the English that was being spoken so she "had to speak to him with a British accent so he could understand." What a crack up! Her interaction with British citizens has been quite limited in her life, so I am attributing her linguistic capabilities to none other than Harry Potter.

This is not the first time she has spoken with a British accent. While we were living in Caracas she occasionally would occasionally throw out a question in British-like form and add the appropriate intonation to go with it, "Is the toy very costly mum?", "Shall I have an orange or an apple?" Strange.

Anyway, speaking of Harry Potter. I think Margarita may have a crush on him. She came up yesterday to me and asked me what is his real name is. I told her it was Daniel Radcliffe. This morning when I went downstairs she had all four DVD cases out and was showing them to Guapo, "See Dad, his name is really Daniel Radcliffe".

I was thinking she was a little young for a crush, but then it came back to me: Han Solo. I remember a particular "show and tell" in first grade. My teacher and I were looking at the record from the Empire Strikes Back together that someone had brought in to "show". There were little pictures from the movie on the case including one of Han Solo. I can't remember my teachers exact words, but the sentiment was loud and clear. It was something like, "I'd like a piece of that,"(she wasn't the classiest lady). I remember feeling shocked that someone else had noticed Han's boyish good looks and thought something like, "Back off lady, Han is all mine." So, I guess it is possible that Margarita likes Harry (or Daniel).

I don't have the heart to tell Margarita that Harry and Ginny hook up in book 6 (or was it 5?). It may crush her.

So, do share, my loving anonymous fan club (you can leave your name if you choose "other" in the comment section. Or fake name in the case of Guapo and my brother-in-laws). Who was your first crush on?


Papa said...

I remember taking my Canadian/Japanese neice to the corner store when she was about 5 years old and just back from New Zealand where she'd live since she was about 6 months old. She put a nickel on the counter and in the best NZ accent (because that's where she learned to speak), said, "Could I have 5 cents of lollies please" Reminds me of the oriental girl in this latest Harry Potter movie and her great accent.

Heather from One Woman's World said...

I so wanted Han Solo bad, too. If I watched the movie now, I might still. :) What a hottie! :) P.S. This comment was not posted by Guapo.

Nantie Meg said...

It was definitely book 6. I can't wait until book 7 when Ron and Hermione finally hook it up.

I have to say that my first crush was Johnny from church. I'm not sure if I've ever really had a celebrity crush. Hmmm. Although I am tempted to say that for a while I was a big fan of Josh Groban. 'cause DANG!, that boy can sing!

Grammy said...

That is so cute about Margarita. I loved it when my kids had a crush on someone completely unatainable. It seemed so safe to me.

I was all about John Davidson. Squeaky clean, good looking AND he could sing. Now the whole world knows how old I am.

K-squared's Mom said...

Definitely Ralph Macchio of the Karate Kid movies! I was so smitten that I actually wrote to him while I was in the 5th grade (isn't that too late for a first crush?) and a few months later, I received an autographed picture from him! Everyone was telling me that he was already too old so when I did read that he was already 24 years old then, I was just crushed!