Friday, January 26, 2007

The Name Game

Object of the game: To choose a suitable name for our soon-to-be born child

# of Players: Two. Me and Guapo

How the Game is Played: I suggest a name; Guapo shoots it down and proceeds to give me a name that he supposedly likes. This goes back and forth until I end up leaving the room trying to decide if he would actually name a child of ours some of the names he suggests, or if he just likes to see a very pregnant woman get riled up. I think it's probably the latter as our other children have fairly normal names (they are not really named Margarita, Julio, and Juan Carlos, in case you were wondering!), but he is SO CONVINCING, that sometimes I really don't know.

Some of his most recent suggestions (I apologize in advance if these are names of your children, but you have to admit, as a group of names they are not the most, ummmmm, normal to call a baby):

Guapo's names for boys:

Guapo's names for girls:

Winner of the Game: To be determined in 6 weeks!


Janice J said...

When we decided on the name Oscar, most people thought we were jokeing. I understand your plight.

No Cool Story said...

Te heee!
Ok, I'm sure that Milt is short for Milton, right? Zeek? Oh Guapo, he's trying (still) to get you back from that day when you cut off your hair...I mean wore the wig.

Neither of my kids have those names, so I'm not offended at all :D

First name Bert, Ernie for the middle name, can you imagine the joys of school? HA!

Code Yellow Mom said...

I've been already agonizing over a name (boys names kill me, and I keep having boys!), and my husband just says really encouraging things like, "You're barely half way through your pregnancy - we have lots of time." Does that mean I win this game?

You could always choose one of Guapo's ideas for the blog name of your baby. But actually, I vote for Enrique or Jose. Pablo is also nice. A girl? Definitely Wilhelmina.

Jules said...

I am laughing so hard. I can't wait to have Shane read this. I think Guapo is serious about Guy, Frank and Ralph, he has been insisting on those since you were pregnant with Julio. I think Hank should be moved to the girls list if, in fact, you are naming your child after the squirrel that resided in our old apartment trash cans.

Gabriela said...

Janice: Guapo was totally jealous when he found out you had a son named Oscar.

NCS: yeah, he has a real thing for Sesame Street names. Guy Smilely, Bert and Earnie, and I know there's another one, but I can't remember it.

CYM: I hadn't thought of that, I have to choose TWO names- a real one and a blog one. Maybe I'll let Guapo choose the blog name and he'll let me pick the real name!!
(you can tell by our list that we think it will be another boy)

Jules: that's true-Hank should be moved to the girls' list. And yes, you're right, I really do think he would go with Guy if I gave it the green light.

txmommy said...

we have a very hard time with names. I don't know why. # 2 was easy breezy. We heard her name at a birthday party before I was ever pregnant and loved it and never had to discuss it.
#3 I wanted to call Holly and her dad wanted to call her OCEAN?! Right. We compromised on a
"normal name" that wasn't either one of our favorites.
#4 we knew her name and liked it. #5 changed names after birth. #6 got the only middle name we could agree on as a default first name because we never could come up with something...and it seems very middle nameish to me.


Papa said...

How about Ermaatrdce for a girl?

k-squared's mom said...

Agonizing but fun!Don't forget Grover and Elmo! But seriously, I can empathize. We didn;t name both our kids until we had to sign the birth certificates at the hospital! I can't wait.....

Zoe said...


I cannot believe how far along you are!! Congratulations!!! Wow, at least your hubby comes up with names!!! I actually really like Milt and Mabel. But then again, my kids have different sort of names. Good luck. I cannot wait to see pictures!

utmommy said...

So sorry. Choosing names can be a hard thing for me. #1, I knew right aways and DH was fine. #2, We went back and forth between two names for a long time. #3, was the hardest. It took me like a month or two after he was born to finally decide that I actually did like it. #4, got the other name we didn't name #2.

Good Luck!

Kristen said...

Ummm...I'd tell him that you are the one carrying the child, therefore the final decision is yours. I think he is joking just to get you riled up.

Hubby and I went through this with our third, too. I won.

Lei said...

lol... that is all.

nikko said...

We always have the same issue -- me trying to be earnest about it -- him turning it into a laughfest with all the silly names he can think of. (Jezebel is tops on his list, same with Jotham... he likes to pick weird stuff from his genealogy).

Anonymous said...

As Alyssa sent today, a good redneck name is Denise for a girl, and Denephew for a boy. That would make it much easier for all the Aunts & Uncles to remember.

Sketchy said...

Ughhhh I hate that! Fortunately for the health of our marriage my hubby didn't play that game, however he does play the shoot everything down under the sun game. That's the real reason we can't have anymore children, lol. 3 boys and we have used all the male names in the universe on which we agree...and one of those was only me agreeing half-heartedly. So you see, we just can't run the risk of having to name another boy child.

No Cool Story said...

Best solution would be to have twins, that way he chooses one name and you choose the other...oh wait.

Guapo (I hate my name) said...

I just want to thank everyone for their support. Gabriela doesn't know a good strong name when she hears one.

Maine Mom said...

Your husband sounds a lot like mine! When I was pregnant with my son, my husband insisted on calling our boy mahershalal-hashbaz. Of course in the end he was just joking around, but he seemed to be serious about it for a LONG time...I feel your pain!
Good luck deciding on the real name :-)

Nettie said...

We are having the same dilemma. Boys names are so much harder than girl's, especially when you have to find one that goes with your other son's name "Marvin". That's what I get for letting him choose that one, huh?

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I like classic names. Guapo may be reaching a little too far into the classic name time machine though. Since unsolicited baby name advice from a complete stranger is always appreciated,(not) here's a list of my personal faves of the moment.

Adela, Lillian/Liliana, Carolina/Caroline, Norah/Nora/Annora, Lucia (nickname Lucy), Genevieve, Clara, Elana, Rosalie, Adeline

Gavin, Caleb, Jonas, Isaac, Asher, Nicholas, Benjamin, Oliver, and I totally am in love with name Oscar!

CHEL said...

You're getting closer and closer... I keep thinking after you have your baby, I'll be right behind you.

Names can be hard... We have a couple in mind, but think we'll wait until we see her and just call her whatever name comes to mind! :-)

Grammy said...

I always told our son to count his blessings, we might have named him Oglethorpe Bartholomew Schmuts!