Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Update Including Earthquakes and Vomit

I really haven't quit blogging, at least in theory.

I know, I know. I've started all of my posts the last 3 months like this, whining about why I haven't been blogging. Sorry about that. It's just that I am getting practically nothing done right now. No piano practice, little exercise, no blogging, no emailing, no sending photos to grandparents, no cooking, no cleaning, no sleeping.

All I do is produce milk for Pedro, feed Pedro, rock Pedro to sleep, change Pedro's diaper, change Pedro's clothes, bathe Pedro, make sure Pedro is breathing, etc. etc. We have 2 maids now (long story) and I am still getting NOTHING done, and I'm tired! I can't imagine the sorry state I'd be in if I lived in the States with no help. Oh well-I love the time I get to spend with the baby.

So, a little update on our lives for those of you who are still out there.

First Things First: My First Earthquake

We just finished up 2 weeks of Spring Break. That's 4 kids 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 2 weeks. By the end of last week I was going a bit batty. Last Thursday we jumped in the car and headed out for Acapulco.

I had booked a hotel online and it was awesome. Here are some pics:

(here's where Blogger stopped letting me upload photos! Grrrr.)



That night at 12:43 am there was a 6.0 earthquake whose epicenter was 40 miles from where we were at. We were staying on the 8th floor of a 10 floor building. We were swaying like crazy. Guapo, who grew up in California, was not too phased, but me, who grew up in Colorado, was pretty much totally freaked out.

The kids slept through the whole event.

The next night was Guapo's bad night. Julio and Margarita (at separate times) threw up. I only felt slightly guilty about not getting up to help him clean up the floor, the sofas, the sheets, the walls, the clothes. First of all, I figure I have to get up with the baby all the time, and second of all, Guapo always seems to be out of town when there is puke to clean up.

He commented to me, "It's as if they don't even try to make it to the bathroom. I think they just open their mouths and let it fly." Yep, that's pretty much what kids do. There was throw-up EVERYWHERE. Yuck.

The last night,Guapo tried to insure he would get a little more sleep than the previous night by placing throw-up receptacles next to each kid:



Luckily, there was neither vomit nor earthquakes the last night of our stay.

Ok, on to other issues:

GMBC: (Gringas in Mexico Blogging Conference)

Easter weekend I got to meet my first ever OLF IRL (OnLine Friend In Real Life). I met Amerimeximadre when she came with her super cute family to Big City. At first we felt pretty uncomfortable talking face so we chatted online for a while:


Then we got used to the whole IRL thing and just talked like normal people.


Ron Brings Kitty Over to the Dark Side


Muchacha Moment

One of our maids came to work sick on Monday.

She told Guapo she had a fever from "eating too many carrots".

Who knew?

One Funny Kid Quote

Julio was talking to Guapo the other day. He asked him to describe himself; Guapo did and then asked Julio how he would describe himself.

He answered, "I have brown hair and eyes and I look like my name should be Nick."

The kid cracks us up. The funny thing is, he does have a certain "Nick-ness" about him.

Kudos to Pedro

My little baby has gained 5 pounds in 6 weeks. What a little piggy!

See? I'm not wasting my time after all!!!


Super Happy Girl said...

I have missed you!!! SO much. Yeah, so much that I dreamed about you, we met and you looked just like your picture :) I love your blog and your posts, YAY!!. I have so many comments:
That 6.0 earthquake on the 8th floor would have made me cry Gabs.
Aww, poor kids :( The way I see it, men are good at doing the vomit-cleaning thing. At least that’s what I tell myself, ewww.

GMBC:, how fun! I was hoping you'd have pics with Amerimexi, I am glad you met :)

Your kitties are hilarious , they should get their own label.

Two muchachas? Ok, I’ll just wait here to read that long story. “Sick from eating too many carrots”, ha ha ha! Maybe the carrots were dipped in cerveza?
Kudos Pedro! You make your momma happy :)

Special K ~Toni said...

I was just saying to myself the other day, "Fabulous self, what has happened to Gabby? Does she love blogtopia no more? O' where, O' where is Gabby?"

With the exception of the earthquake and vomiting, good vacation?

Glad baby Pedro is growing and doing well! So glad we heard from you! :)

utmommy said...

I too was wondering where you went. I'm glad that you are still in the blogging world with us.

I've been in an earthquake before, but would have still been totally freaked out.

I hate throw up. It's so gross.

I can't believe Pedro has grown so much. What a big boy.

Glad to hear all is well with you and your dear family. I look forward to hearing from you again.

nikko said...

I'm so glad that everything is a-okay down there. Just keep being a mommy and don't worry about everything else.

How fun that you got to meet a blogging friend IRL! That's neat.

The "it's like they don't even try..." comment could have come out of my DH's mouth. They SO don't understand kids sometimes. ;o)

Unknown said...

I can relate to taking care of a baby 24/7 and getting nothing else done! I'm glad you took advantage of a moment to check in.
I've never been through an earthquake before. I would have been freaked out too! What a bummer that the kids got sick during your getaway! But yay for guapo doing the cleaning :-)
I hope you tell us soon about the 2 maids you have. Inquiring minds want to know!

Millie said...

The picture of you and AMM is too funny. I wonder how we'll do next week in Seattle (wish you could come).

I'm glad you're getting some good time in with your baby! This part is over fast, as you know! :)

Deannna - Younique Presenter said...

Hey girl! I keep checking your blog to see if you are alive and survived spring break. Looks like you did! those pics in Acapulco look like so much fun, minus the vomit.

I had so much fun meeting you IRL! Your family is so cute.

No earthquakes 'round here luckily. That would be scary!

Janice said...

Welcome back.

Lana said...

your hotel looks incredible!! Wow! I want to stay there.

Glad to hear everything is fine on the Pedro front. New babies are so sweet and grow up so fast.

Hopefully you'll be blogging more soon :)

Gabriela said...

Hi everyone, so glad you are all still stopping by to see if I am alive!

NCS: in fact, the earthquake did make me cry! I was so stressed for a little while.

Toni: Here I am! Yes, despite the vomit and the earthquake we did have a good time! The hotel was great for kids.

Next Post: how I came to have two maids. Stay tuned.

Nettie said...

I can so relate to the not getting anything done but babycare! And 5 lbs!!! You are going to have the buffest arms in Mexico!

And I am going to be much more cautious about my levels of carrot consumption....

Code Yellow Mom said...

So glad for the update!!!

Earthquakes! Puke! Weight-gaining babies! Real-life encounters with other bloggers! Carrot-induced fevers! You ARE busy!

"Nick" is hilarious...

Glad you are safe and sound. And the kids are back in school. :)

Anonymous said...

I always love hearing about what adventures you are having in Mexico. The earthquake would have freaked me out too. Glad Pedro is fat and happy. I will stay away from those carrots...who knew they could be so dangerous!!

Anonymous said...

Pleasant surprise to see you back! That was some vacation. Why did the kids get sick? I can actually picture Julio saying that he should be named Nick! So happy you're back to blogging but I'm sure taking time out to sit and write is a total luxury. Take care!

momofalltrades said...

Awww! He's here! Congratulations! Relax and suck up some baby smell for me. Isn't baby smell the BEST? I've been bloggy MIA too, but I've been thinking about ya!

the lizness said...

Hi Gabs! I've missed you too! Funny thing when crazy life turns and changes and we stop to live life instead of blogging about it.

Hotel pics are AWESOME