Friday, August 10, 2007

Muchacha Monment-We've Finally Got A Winner!

After going through 6 maids in 10 months (the 6th one would have been fired had we stayed any longer), I am happy to report we have found a great maid here in Brazil.

Maids here are not called muchacas here but "impregadas domesticas" (sounds bad doesn't it?). Having one costs way more than it did in Mexico or Venezuela because you have to pay 12% of their salary towards their retirement program (like Social Security), but it is still WAY cheaper than having help in the US. Our new maid was recommended by a friend of a friend. The last family she worked for had 5 kids, so 4 should be a piece of cake for her right? Hopefully Julio and Juan Carlos won't join evil powers and lock her in the closet like they did to poor maid #4 in Mexico.

She shows up on time.

She speaks some English (so Maragrita doesn't throw a fit when she gets left with her)

She has 3 kids of her own so she knows how to take care of Pedro.

She cooks.

She cleans.

She goes home at night so I can have peace.

Except for Friday night when she stays over so Guapo and I can go out without the kiddies.

But, the very best part about our new maid is (drum roll please):


Can you imagine? She makes a list, plans out meals, goes to the store loaded with money, shops away, then comes home and puts everything away.

I think I am really going to love Brazil!


Lana said...

you lucky, lucky girl!

Super Happy Girl said...

Way to go Gabs!!
She cooks and does all the grocery shopping? Wow, you are in impregadas domesticas heaven :)

nikko said...

Wow, that sounds cool. Isn't it weird, though, having someone else do all of that? I guess I could probably get used to it, though. ;o)

Awesome Mom said...

Aww man that is great!

Shelah said...

I hope she knows enough to keep her mitts out of the ice cream! I'm excited for you guys! I think that you make a lot of sacrifices living outside the US-- you need to take all of the perks you can get!

Special K ~Toni said...

I think I need to move to Brazil!

Anonymous said...

Without Costco, who wants to do the grocery?! For me, having someone else plan the meals is the height of "muchacha" bliss! Hope she works out and then all your maid woes in big city Mexico will be worth it.


Code Yellow Mom said...

ok, total dream come true. especially the friday nights. and the shopping. woohooo!
although I will miss the stories of ice cream and flower hoarding...:)

Janice said...

Wow! One of the major perks of living abroad.

utmommy said...

Wow! How lucky for you!

Blackeyedsue said...

I want a Muchacha to do my grocery shopping!!! That is my LEAST favorite chore in the world!