Monday, September 03, 2007

Guapo Delivers the Goods

Gaupo got home last Thursday and it was as good as I imagined it would be.

Here’re the highlights of my spoils:

We again have peanut butter in the house (specifically creamy Jiff):

10 pounds Brown Sugar: they have sugar that is brown here, it’s just not soft and yummy like American brown sugar.

15 boxes of assorted Ziploc Bags: you can get these babies here, but they’ll cost you $0.50-0.75 PER BAG.

Of course we had to stock up on chocolate chips (5 bags):

3 large Maple Syrups: a bottle this size would set you back at least $15.00 here.

My one, and only, pair of shoes (I knew Guapo was going to see all of my purchases so unfortunately, I had to behave):

864 Wipes: the wipes here are fantastic if you want to just move the poop around, but if you actually want to remove the poop from your baby's bottom, it’s best to import. And look, these wipes will make Pedro calm.

And last but certainly not least-a new stroller for Pedro. He’ll be cruising the streets in style now!

If you'll excuse me, I'm off to have some peanut-butter toast and a handful of chocolate chips!


Sketchy said...

Cute shoes!! (You know that had to be first.)

Mmmm, for the toast, you could try sprinkling the chocolate chips on top of the pb toast, waiting a minute or so for it to get nice and melty and then swirl the chocolate around a bit...not that I have experience in this, right? lol

Blackeyedsue said...

Yay! What a happy day in the Loca household!!! I don't know how I would have survived without syrup or creamy Jiff.

Dang Sketchy made me have another craving!

nikko said...

Yay for American Stuff! Sketchy -- I have never tried that, but it sounds yummy!

Janice said...

When we lived in Costa Rica my dad would go to Panama (the canal zone) and bring back similair items. It was like Christmas! Also, LOVE the shoes.

Super Happy Girl said...

I need me some of those calming wipes.
Ooh, lookie all the goodies you got. Sketchy's idea got me thinking.
Enjoy your treasures :)

Unknown said...

Removing the poop is definitely a must during a diaper change!
You got a lot of great stuff, including those shoes. :-)

Anonymous said...

I forgot that there wasn't the good peanut butter LOL

And the hansel and gretel story is killing me!!

Nettie said...

Holy cow! With that kind of mark up, you need to start your own resale business!

Especially the wipes. I could live without good peanut butter, but to live without good wipes would be too much of a sacrifice!

Lei said...

Enjoy and make it last! I think I take far too many of these things for granted...

utmommy said...

Cute shoes!

I guess I can't take things like ziplock baggies for granted anymore. I like paying $1.09 for 50 bags and not $0.75 for 1!

Special K ~Toni said...

Great goodies! i totally understand!