Thursday, October 25, 2007

October Showers Bring November Flowers

Changing leaves.

Crisp Air.



First Snow.


Hot Cocoa.

Football Season.

Not for me.

I grew up with seasons. I spent the first 26 years of my life with seasons. I heart seasons.

But, alas, for the last 8 falls I have been living in places that are nicknamed "The City of Eternal Spring", or even worse, places like Small Town Mexico where I could count the number of times I could comfortably wear pants in 2 1/2 years on one hand.

And now we are here in Brazil. South of the Equator. Opposite seasons from the States. So, let's see, this year I've had:

  • One (eternal) spring in Mexico
  • One summer in the States
  • One Brazilian winter that felt suspiciously like summer in the States
And now I'm smack dab in the middle of spring again headed for a beastly summer just in time for Christmas!!!

What's worse, I've had to "spring forward" with daylight savings twice this year. Once in April and again a couple of weeks ago. I am not a good "springer." I'm a much better "fall-backer".

Sorry, I hate to have a whiny blog, it's just that I'm reading all of these posts about wonderful fall-ish things and I am a little sad.

So have some cocoa or wassail* for me and enjoy the changing leaves. :)

*I actually hate wassail. But I miss the idea of Wassail. And how it smells.


nikko said...

Aw, that stinks. We are finally getting to our 2 or 3 weeks of fall-ish weather here in Texas and I am loving it.

You'll have to put on a sweater and make yourself some hot chocolate just for fun.

Maine Mom said...

That would be a bummer for me too not having seasons. I'll be envying you when I'm hating winter though!

marina said...

Hi, Gaberiela,Its so nice to meet you I found your blog on" Holymama "blog.OK, ever since I saw these noval call" El Clon" it is form Brazil I fell in love with Brazil it looks so beautiful.Can you speake spainsh?? if you can you should be able to understand the Brazilins.I speak spainsh and english of course I am american , I get to see Brazil form your eyes.I really enjoyed your blog and things sound like its a bit coasty there than the states,come and vist me on my blog. I live in south Texas and its always hot here even in Christmas it doesnt get cold until Jan. Go firgure that one.write me back if you can.Blessing in your knew city,marina

Awesome Mom said...

That would drive me nuts too. I love seasons. When we lived in San Diego that was the thing I really missed the most.

txmommy said...

TWO spring forwards ! that's unheard of and cruel and unusual :( Sorry!

Maybe you could enjoy a cheery glass of thanksgiving snowcone?

Weird, that would be really weird.

On the bright side, shorts are cheaper and last longer on kids since lenght is less crucial.

No Cool Story said...

Not whiny at all amiga. That totally sucks :(

I'll have some Abuelita in your honor. I might even tell my kids how fortunate they are to live in a place with all the seasons, how there are people in the world who...then they'll roll their eyes and go "moooom!" HA!, it will be great :)

Janice said...

Yes, you are missing out on a glorious fall but as I look around my house that looks like a bomb has gone off, I wouldn't mind trading a few falls for a great housekeeper.

utmommy said...

That would be weird to have backward seasons. I'd like to have a little more fall right now, but I think we'll be jumping into winter pretty soon.