Monday, October 29, 2007

"Woman without Children"

We had to go to a Halloween party last weekend. I like Halloween, I really do. But the costume thing gets me every year. I always wait too long and then expect to just open my closet door and have cute, clever costume jump out at me.

It never happens. I usually end up going as a doctor because I have a set of scrubs and a jacket. Why you ask? Because once upon a time I was premed and I went on a study abroad program to Mexico to work in a hospital. I am not a doctor now. (It wasn't a total waste, I met Guapo on the trip and learned I didn't want to spend the rest of my life in a hospital.) Every time I wear it I feel like I have to explain WHY I have it and then it brings up all the old unfulfilled dreams/disappointing my family issues. I just feel kind of like a loser dressed up like what I wanted to be for a while. I'm fine with the not being a doctor-I realized I wanted to go to med school more that I wanted to actually be a doctor-but I just hate having to explain it.

(Like I'm doing right now)

So, I finally decided I will not be a doctor and put myself through it. But, that takes away my Halloween safety net.

Anyway, back to the party. I came up with what I thought was the perfect costume- "Woman without Children"

I would start my transformation in the beauty salon with:

  1. A manicure
  2. A pedicure
  3. Highlights
  4. Eyebrow wax and shape
  5. My hair styled

In addition to my new groomed look, my costume would include:

  1. A dress (instead of the mandatory skirt and top due to constant breastfeeding) that was slobber and spit-up free
  2. High heals
  3. Make up
I thought it was ingenious.

Guapo didn't like it. He told me I would feel dumb without a "costume". I tried to explain how it was a costume-I never look like "Woman without Children".

He suggested my doctor costume. I explained the baggage that goes with that costume. Then he had several other suggestions which included:

  1. A Miner
  2. A Pioneer
  3. Raggedy-Ann
  4. A Woman in Jammies
  5. A Farmer (this would require my maternity overalls which I have sworn to never wear again)

This was a work party; I knew the type of women that would be going-beautiful Brazilian woman dressed like Samba dancers or swimsuit models. We are already quite the freaks drinking our Sprites-I don't need to be dressed like a farmer on top of it.

So we compromised. Here we are:

Dracula and Dracula's Girlfriend/Victim (see the blood on my neck???)

Best Halloween costume ever!!!


txmommy said...

you look freakishly cute you med school drop out you!

Awesome Mom said...

Great costume! I hate having to think up costumes for me.

nikko said...

Cute! Hope you had a great time. :o)

No Cool Story said...

You are both so cute, excellent idea.

Med school drop outs of the world unite!! This is why I can never do doctor for Halloween, to much emotion about that.

I never look like "Woman without Children". :D

Jules said...

I love your idea and the compromise was good too. I was hoping though that Guapo would go as the pregnant woman again. Maybe next year.

di said...

you look great! have you read "twilight"?
i love the idea of being "a woman with no children"--i will have to try that next year!

Janice said...

Wow! You look great. I have a great Elephant costume left over from a Road show at church that I wear every year. However,"Woman with no children" sounds more fun and less cumbersome.

utmommy said...

Very cute!

I always think a costume will appear out of my closet too. It never works. What's with that?

jd said...

Bloody Brilliant!