Monday, October 08, 2007

The Exact Opposite of Wanting to Shop

...trying to cram more 200+ boxes worth of crap in to our new apartment that has about 1/2 of the storage space of our place in Mexico.

Long time no blog. Sorry about that. When moving, I am not the type of person to do a little each day. I must have it all done NOW. So I've been working like a dog for a week now to unpack and organize the stuff from the 200+ boxes. I think I even got up one day at 5:15 am (if you know me, you know that I never get up that early unless it's to catch a flight). It is far from perfect, but at least there are only a handful of boxes left.

It was great to be reunited with all of our beloved stuff, but wow, what a pain. After waiting almost 3 months for the stuff, you start to wonder how much you really need your stuff after all.

Here's Pedro in his exi-saucer thing (I'm glad we got it before he was too big for it!):

Even though we found a bigger apartment than the one we had when we arrived in Brazil, we are still lacking lacking in the space department. I feel like I'm in college again, hunting for any little unoccupied space that I may be able use.

Poor Pedro's shower was the first causality of the Stuff War:

Then the space under his crib:

And I completely took over his closets, adding some new shelves where we could:

And here is the last of my space that I am keeping available for stashing secret stuff:

We are feeling fairly settled. The apartment is great-the best part is the roof that is a big deck with an awesome view of the lake and the Christ the Redeemer statue (tiny little thing on top of that mountain):

Aapartment was partially furnished and they left their piano!!! I have wanted a real live piano since I was a little girl and have never had one!!!

Now I only have to finish those last few boxes and I can sit down and practice!


K-squared's Mom said...

Way to go! I cannot think of anyone getting excited about a "secret space"! I salute you...6 months after we got our stuff, I still have about 5 unpacked boxes!

Have fun playing the piano!

nikko said...

Your new apartment looks so great. Good for you for getting it all unpacked in a week!

We're in de-junking mood around here, and I know what you mean about not wanting more STUFF.

Good luck!

Janice said...

Congrats! I still have boxes in the basement from our move 4 years ago!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great apartment. I love the deck and the view. I hope you get your boxes unpacked soon. I still have a few to do myself. I am totally burned out on boxes.

utmommy said...

I have to have it done NOW too. I can't live out of boxes while I slowly put things away. I know just how you feel.

We love our new house, but we are totally lacking in the storage area. One of the bedrooms doesn't even have a closet. We've become quite creative.

Glad you are feeling settled.

Maine Mom said...

I know all about living in a small space with little storage! Pedro has his own shower...did I read that right? Good luck finding space for the rest of your things. :-) I'm always organizing and de-cluttering around here.

No Cool Story said...

Piano. Luuucky.
Hey, what kind of secret stuff? :)

Gabriela said...

Maine mom: yep, all the bedrooms have bathrooms-the master has 2!!! Poor maid.

NCS: like candy and stuff that my little ant/children will find in any normal hiding spot.

UTmommy: storage area is SO important I am learning!

Itybtyfrog: I have "box-burn-out" also. It feels like they are multiplying.

Janice: at least you have a basement-I would love somewhere to stick unwanted stuff!

Nikko: My maid has taken home so much of our extra stuff. It's amazing how much stuff one person (or 6 people!) collect in a year.

K-squared's mom: I'm a sure your boxes are hidden away neatly-your house always looks great!

compulsive writer said...

Argh. Moving is such a pain. But yay for the piano!

Kristine said...

I have a friend who moves often and she always ends up downsizing both before and after the move. The less you have, the easier it is to unpack.
I know when we moved here 4 years ago, the first 3-5 weeks before our stuff came was HEAVENLY. We had so little and everything had its place.
It's nice to know that you are okay...and mostly settled.
Enjoy your piano!

amerimeximadre said...

wow! that is a lot of diapers!! the new place looks nice. moving frequently has definitely kept me from being a pack rat or buying things we dont' really need. I can't wait to buy stuff I don't really need when we plan on living somewhere for more than just a couple of years!

Nettie said...

You are living within view of an historic world wide known monument. That is pretty cool!

Almost being done unpacking is even cooler, though!

Special K ~Toni said...

You definitely are a pro at this! Great views!

Darci said...

Wow you have an awesome view. I remember those apartments so well.

marina said...

WOW!!what a view I love it!!I have always wanted to vist Brazial,I know I never will but at least I get to see it through your blog.And how lucky can a girl get to have such a cute driver,I need one of those.Blessing,in the USA,marina