Sunday, November 25, 2007

Look Away!!!

You know how when you were little and you saw your teacher somewhere that wasn't school-like the grocery store or a restaurant-you thought it was weird? I always had it in my mind that my teacher was omnipresent at school; having no life of her own, she just sat around the school waiting for kids to show up.

Well, that's kind of how I am with my driver (I'm sorry for all the driver and maid posts lately, but this one was too good to pass on); as far as my subconscious mind is concerned, Sergio lives in my car. You can't blame me really-I go down in the morning and there he is ready to take us to school, I get the kids situated at school there he is waiting for me, I come out from the grocery store and there he is- ready to load up the trunk.

When I see him he always looks the same: jeans, button down short-sleeved shirt, leather belt and shoes, always looks like he just got a haircut (his 89 year old father is a barber).

So imagine my shock when we go to the end-of-year company party yesterday (yes, I know it was only November 24th-what does that tell you about productivity in December in Brazil?) and not only is he NOT in my car, but suddenly he's standing before me wearing nothing but a speedo. I felt like I had walked in on him getting out of the shower. My eyes quickly darted here are there searching for something, anything else to look at as we made our requisite small talk.

I avoided him the whole day because as I mentioned in a previous post, speedos aren't just for swimming here-they are lounge wear, dining wear, exercise wear. All-Purpose-All-Day-Wear.

I know I'm still going to feel weird tomorrow morning when he's back to living in my car. Gives me the heebee-geebees.

(And with that-I promise no more maid or driver posts for a while-it's on to Christmas fun tomorrow!)


Julie said...

HILARIOUS! I love the driver and maid posts.
I am excited about your Christmas posts. I was so inspired by you last year that I am working on my Plan December. I can't wait to see what you have planned.

Janice said...

Ewww! I would have a hard time looking at him daily, knowing what I had seen him look like in a Speedo.

Awesome Mom said...

I am not sure that I could handle the casual use of the speedo that is common in Brazil. My poor eyes!

marina said...

You have me laughing so hard I too would of turn away.I know when I was in Cancun I saw alot of men in speedo's and it felt funny. Is it me or was it not the late 70's or 80's look. Hear in the USA beaches they are all short honey.I enjoy your maid and driver stories/can't wait to hear about your Christmas one. I am guessing you did not have a thanksgiving??

Margarita said...

bleah! EEEEWWWW! Gross! Heebee-geebees! (what does that mean anyway?)

No Cool Story said...


oh man!

You did it Gabs. Oh boy.
LOLing big time.

No Cool Story said...

"Lounge wear speedos" For all occasions.

You're killing me.

Calandria said...

I have spent way too much time today reading your blog. You are really funny! I also have four children and we've thought of living overseas again. My husband is from Mexico and we lived briefly in Venezuela a few years back. It's fascinating to read about your expat life. I love your muchacha and driver posts.

I have also only broken my left ring toe. So you see, it was meant that I should find your blog.

nikko said...


Kristine said...

A picture...worth more than a thousand words there.

I'm very happy to be driving my own car, thanks.

You should put a speedo in your DH's stocking as a gag gift this year.

Anonymous said...

After viewing the picture of Sergio in his "Speedo", I'm looking forward to him picking me up at the airport.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that that qualifies me as the ultimate "desperate housewife"