Friday, November 16, 2007

"We're Going to Look Like Zoo Animals"

My maid gets married on Saturday.

We were invited a long time ago and I told her we would go. She lives about an hour from where we live so we were going to have the driver take us. But, Brazil has no fewer than 3 national holidays in November; one was in early November, one was yesterday (Thursday) and one is Tuesday. So, somehow the Thursday and Tuesday holidays conveniently turn in to a Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Monday-Tuesday six day holiday. So the driver is going to be traveling this weekend.

Driving in Big City Brazil isn't that safe. If you get lost it could really be a big problem (read: BIG PROBLEM). So, our driver gave us a name of another guy that we could hire to fill in for the day.

Gaupo wasn't We weren't too excited about going to the wedding when it was "free" but now that we are paying someone to take us he is we are even less excited. We will surely be the only foreigners for miles around. But, we have to go; she is so sweet and she's been talking about dancing with Pedro at her wedding for months.

Last night, as she was headed out the door, she told me:

  1. We will be sitting at the reserved table with her parents;
  2. Would we mind saying a few words ?(In Portuguese. And into a microphone), and
  3. Could I possibly wear make-up?
It was when I related this new info to Guapo that he aptly assessed the situation: "We're going to look like zoo animals." My plan to "just show up for a little while so she knows we were there" is turning into us sitting at one of the most visible tables and giving toasts. In Portuguese. Ahhhhhhhhhh!

It will be an experience, right? Hopefully a bloggable one, so all is not in vain.


nikko said...

Sounds like it will be quite the adventure.

Good luck with the Portuguese!

Are We There Yet? said...

cant wait to hear about your adventure!

Awesome Mom said...

Good luck with the toast. I find it amusing that she asked you to wear makeup.

Margarita said...

I dont usually write comments, but Id like to say that i wish i could skip this wedding, too.

Fabiola said...

Dear Gabriella,

My name is Fabiola and as I posted it before, I am from Brazil. Do you need help with the toast??
You can write it in English and I can translate in a easy Portuguese for you.


No Cool Story said...

Say it loud and say it proud: "Anything for the blog".

"...sitting at the reserved table with her parents". Ahh, I bet now we are even less excited.

You are so kewl Gabs, having all kind of fun adventures.
I know it'll be all sorts of fun afterwards, specially after you write about it and we all comment ;)

marina said...

Gabriela, I know I am knew to your blog as I love reading about your life in South America its new and Fresh too me since most of the blogs I read are here in the states.
I know we dont'know each other I hope we get to know each other throught our blog.But I thought since your name is spainish and your kid's that you speake spainish it would be easier to learn portuguese? But I really don't know do you speake spainish?
I would take your frinds advice Fabiola ,(Hi, I read your comment that is so nice to offer your help)I would take her up on it and have her help write something out and prataice it.IF not knowing me I would say it in spanish. I now I can pick up here and there some words.
I am sorry didn't mean to make these so long but can't wait to hear all about it!! Blessing,Marina

utmommy said...

Good Luck with that one!!

I can't wait to read about it.

k-squared's mom said...

You always have the coolest (mostly amusing and sometimes outright unbelievable....)maid stories! Can't wait to hear all about it. I wouldn't be surprised if you have dancing stories to tell. Don't they ask the guests in the important tables to dance with the bride and groom after they have their first dance? hahahaha...just kidding! Have fun!

marina said...

Grabriel,its me again marina i just read some of you blog and we have alot encommen ,I too meet a friend on line and it was so much fun.and I had muchacas for the last 4 years but we finally stop theu kept lying or stealing its so sad b/c they are such a help,but yours wow they even shop for you!!
I saw Mayhemmexico blog and I love it maily b/c I use to go to mexico every summer as a teenager it was so much fun I use to hate going back to the states. But now I son't get to travel too much my husband jobs doesn't let him get away too much he is a attorney so we don't travel that much.and I too have a friend from Bolivia she is married to an american and she has been to Brazil.anyway just thought i would tell you b/c Iknow we just meet.marina