Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tootsie Roll Anyone?

Do you love Tootsie Rolls? I really do. Someone from Guapo's company bought me a bag of 400 "migdees" from the States and I'm sitting here downing them. Yum.

Anyway. I'm feeling better after my big fall. I was really surprised how a fall can take it out of you for a couple of days. My boys were very disappointed I didn't need a cast-they thought that would have been pretty cool. I went up to their school today and EVERYONE knew. People I don't even know were coming up asking me about the fall. Nice, but embarrassing.

Let's see. I had a few things to blog about.

1. Tootsie rolls. Check.

2. Uno Attack.

Have you seen this game? It's Uno but with this little machine that serves as the draw pile that spits cards out at you. You have to push a button and maybe you won't have to take any cards, but maybe you'll have to take 6.

I really like games and I enjoy playing them with my kids. With a 4 year old, finding one that we can all play is quite a challenge. I mean, it's not that I don't love playing Candyland over and over and over again but sometimes you need a little variety (I want to burn that blasted little Plumpy card; it shows up every.time. some one's about to win). And I'm sorry, SORRY, but you just take way too long.

When we play this game, the kids laugh so much Guapo and I can't help laughing. They just love it when it spits cards out at Gaupo.

It's a little expensive for an Uno game, but I think it's worth it.

When we were playing on Sunday Juan Carlos (4 1/2 years old) laid down a wild card and we told him to "look at his hand" to decide what color he wanted. Baffled, the cute kid looks at his real hand (the one with 5 fingers) trying to figure out how that's going to help him decide.

And Julio (7 years) insists on yelling out "Two-No" when he has two cards left.

Good times, good times.

3. Geeky-Blogger

I was in the grocery store the other day and I noticed the name tag of the cashier girl. It was "Gabriella". I ALMOST said, "Hey that's my name too!" Luckily, since she was holding my credit card in her hand, I remembered that that's not really my name. (I'm just going to chalk that little lapse up to the fact that Pedro is still not sleeping through the night)



No Cool Story said...

Two-no :) How cute!
I'm glad you are doing good and that there are no lasting consequences from your fall.

Wait, you name is not Gabriela?

No Cool Story said...


Liz said...

speaking of not really being your name - I CRACKED UP at your comment today saying "Hey Tess"

I thought about editing it, but it was too funny to me :)

Awesome Mom said...

Hah! I have almost called myself as Awesome Mom too.

utmommy said...

Glad you are feeling better.

I forgot I love Uno-Attack! I haven't played that forever. Maybe Santa will have to bring that to our family this year!

nikko said...

Two No! Cute!

Wait? Your name isn't Gabriela? Mine isn't Nikko, either. Hmm...

Janice said...

I need to add that the Christmas list. I have played it and it is very fun. Toothsome #2 will love it. Next time you are in the states, pick up Slamwich. That is another great one that adults can handle too. Apples to Apples Jr is good too.

K-squared's Mom said...

Thanks for a great gift idea! Seems like you are feeling better. That's great! Nothing like a tootsie roll to breeze through tough times!

txmommy said...

I frown on candyland and always stack the deck so one of the kids gets queen frostine quickly.

We play a killer uno version that is fun and fast paced.

My kids like killer bunnies and yahtzee and chess. But the littlest can't play those.

marina said...

Gabriela,I just love that name .I saw the staris from where you fell thank God you are ok. Do enjoy your Tootsie Tolls you poor thing. If I could I would send you more,I hope you heal soon. blessing, marina

marina said...

Gabriela, I just got your comment we must be on line at the same time!!Thank you for your post.
and letting me see Brazil form your eyes I think its a pretty place to live with all those pretty beaches,I would love too see it some day but for now I am too busy rasing my son and going to games and doing the room mother thing.But we do have alot of people from mexico bring there kids to our school to learn english and then they go back in the summer.I enjoy meeting peolpe from different countries.and I love seeing your pictures form Brazil.Blessing,marina

jd said...

oh Good if I was the only one up at insane hours with my 8month old I was going to hollar!