Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Most Depressing Day of the Year? I Think Not.

According to British researcher Cliff Arnall, yesterday, January 21, was supposedly the "most depressing day" of the year. Factors that create this "perfect storm" (forgive the overused cliche) of gloominess include: weather, Christmas debt, failed New Year's resolutions, lack of motivation, and nothing to look forward in the near future.

I, for one, had a terrific day. I agree that we are having bad weather. Big City, Brazil is very unlike my home state of Colorado where it can be snowing and freezing in the morning and then reach the high 60's by the afternoon (or vice-versa). Here, when the rain starts to fall you'd better grab some good DVDs because once it starts it doesn't usually stop for a few days.

My New Year's resolutions are still hobbling along-I'll post about them sometime before January's over. Motivation levels? Fine. Christmas debt? None. Something to look forward to? Three trips to the States-one in February by myself, our summer trip in June/July and now a fall trip to California thanks Guapo's little brother who just got engaged and is planning to get married in September.

And how could I possibly have bad day when I start it off with a bowl of frosted mini-wheats???

And how is it that I have normal, American cereal in my house?

Because my dad is here for a visit!

He came in late Saturday night and will be here until Friday.

Despite the weather we took a couple kids and saw some of the historical sites of Big City.

Then I made chocolate chip cookies:

And to finish things off right, we went out to dinner at my favorite Brazilian Steak house.

It was a perfectly non-depressing day!


Janice said...

My day yesterday was great as well. It snowed all day. I got a great work out shoveling. My kids played outside all day and that made them fall asleep fast at night. I made my awesome homemade Mac and Cheese for dinner. It was a great day.

Jules said...

How fun to have your dad is there. I hope he has a super trip. We may cross trails again this summer. We are going to be stopping through for a couple of days and we would LOVE to see you again. My kids keep wondering when they will get to see their cousins (even Noah was convinced we were related) again. It is so cute.

BTW-from your last post-a Canasta club!!!! I hope you are taking full advantage. Just make sure no one spikes your herb tea while your not watching.

marina said...

We have had nothing but fog and rain and its true I have been depress we can't seem to get well around the house So I bring out the can of Lysol and killing those Grems!!
Your not kidding the strom looks bad!!
I am happy for you that your dad came to vist you,and you look like you have lost weight?
You said you would be in Texas if you do come email me and maybe I can call you and vist with you by phone to see if my real friend in Brazil really is real in the computor LOL!! Blessing amiga,marina OH..PS.you didn't say if you learn the language?

No Cool Story said...

Yay for your dad! :)
How awesome? Has he ever been to Brazil?
That was cool of the kitched guys to let you get their picture taken.

HEY! You are so thin and beautiful.

Calandria said...

For me Jan 21 is always a little bright spot in the month because it's Lidia's birthday. It is, however, the coldest day of the year on average in Minnesota.

I'm glad you had a great day!

Anonymous said...

hey skinny minny!!!
rain rain go away come again another day...
or month...or year!!!
Let the sun shine...
let the sun shine in...
kiss kiss

Gabriela said...

Those are my deceptively "skinny jeans", but thanks for the compliments!

Jules: we would love to see you guys this summer.

Glad everyone had good days!

Kari said...

Always great to have a good day!!!!!! And to see your dad--very fun. Ours was good, too--we hit Knottsberry Farm on the kids' day off: a drizzly, cool day. Do you know that rain scares away almost everybody from an amusement park? Average line was 5 to 10 minutes, I'm not kidding. One most popular roller coaster was 25 minutes but that was the extreme longest line. Just lovely.

utmommy said...

I had a great day too!

My friend however didn't. She told me that same statistic, how sad.

Glad you are enjoying your time with your dad!

marina said...

Gabriela, head on over to by blog I have an award for you.marina

Maine Mom said...

Definitely not a depressing day for you! I'm glad your Dad is visiting. Having extended family around is usually a nice break from the normal day to day routine.

I enjoyed reading about what Expat women do during the day. I think it's nice that there is a lot to do if you want to because I'm sure it is hard living in a foreign country and moving so much. I'm curious...Do you have a certain amount of years in this job that you commit to or do you take it one country at a time?

Stop by my blog when you have the chance...a deserving award is there for you. :-)

Anonymous said...

Pretty picture Gabs!!!