Thursday, January 03, 2008

First Post of 2008

Wow. 2008. Can you believe it? I graduated from high school six.teen.years.ago??? I swear I'm still like 24 or something. Oh well.

New Year's Eve was pretty cool.

We dressed in white (yes, that's just a white Gerber onsie Pedro's wearing-it's all he had. And Julio's wearing his karate pants. He wanted to wear the whole outfit, but we talked him out of it):

We walked to the beach in Ipanema:

Pedro was such a good boy even though it was 2 hours past his bedtime:

When I found out about the New Year's Eve white clothes thing, I had this image in my head of families, spankin' clean in their best white clothes, walking hand in hand on the beach; smiling, laughing, hugging, maybe even skipping from time to time. Kind of like 4th of July meets the temple.

Reality was a lot closer to a smelly, drunken college party complete with blaring techno music and rows and rows of port-o-potties.

Oh well. It was still very interesting. We stayed for a little while to have a little look-see and some snacks. We walked on the beach to look at the "offerings" people had left. Lots of candles and food and flowers. It was really hard to keep Julio and Juan Carlos from running around blowing out all of those tempting candles.

Then we went home and watched the fireworks from our deck while eating chocolate fondue (yum).

The show from Copacabana was AM-AZ-ING. The fireworks , which were fired from 4 barges, spanned the entire 2.5 miles of the beach. I've never seen anything like it. The show lasted for 25 minutes and the opening "round", although an entire minute early (someone got a little trigger-happy), was spectacular.

I am so frustrated because I am not a great nighttime photographer (implying that I am great during the day which is sadly, not true). This is the best photo I could muster up (hanging my head in shame):

Pitiful I know.

(Possible New Year's resolution-LEARN HOW TO USE MY CAMERA)



Anonymous said...

I can sen you a foto if you want one! I'll do it when I am more awake tomorrow morning!
love ya! Anonymous:)

Blackeyedsue said...

I would LOVE to have seen that fireworks display. How insane that it was 2 1/2 miles!

Your family looks darling. I would have imagined it the same way.

Liz said...

lovely fambly :) Happy 2008!

Maine Mom said...

Looks like a fun evening! The fireworks sound amazing! Did you all change your white clothes before or after the chocolate fondue??? Just wondering since my children would have that chocolate all over everything! :-)

marina said...

looks like a wonderful evening with the firworks and all it must have been so beauitful..Happy New Years gabriela.Hasta Luego amiga.

Janice said...

I LOVE a good fireworks show.

No Cool Story said...

Copacabana and Ipanema as the songs?
Aww, you all look so cute in white :) Pedro looks like a doll and all that blonde hair, cute!

Nightime shots + tripod = good pictures.

marina said...

PS,,I stop by to say I am jealous of your warm weather I miss it and wish the winter was over already, b/c we did not have a summer last year it rain 50 days out of the summer if you read on my blog the last 11 months I write about it.
Hasta Luego,marina

Kari said...

Hi! I was so excited to read/skim your past entries! Love the all-white on the beach thing, AND the slightly-angled gingerbread house.

Janet said...

It sounds like one giant baptism with all the people in white. :) Happy New Year! Tell Guapo we said Hi.

txmommy said...

Walking on the beach for new years eve would be a blast!