Sunday, December 30, 2007

Out With the Old, In With the New

I guess it’s time to start blogging again. It’s hard to blog about Christmas after Christmas because once the day’s over with, I’m ready to move on. My fake tree is already nestled in its box.

Despite the 100 degree summer weather, we had a great (albeit sweaty) Christmas; so, I’ll share just a few memories.

We made cookies:

Pedro thoroughly enjoyed his first Christmas:

Guapo had to lay with poor Juan Carlos (4 ½ yrs) until he had cried himself to sleep Christmas Eve; he was so worried about some old geezer coming into our house. He kept saying, “I’m so shy about Santa, I’m so shy,” and, "My room's too close to the Christmas tree. He's going to get me!"

My mom completely replaced the goodie bag the mean lady took from me at my book club Christmas party, enabling us to have real stuffing for our Christmas dinner:

...and I reciprocated by giving her the lame Unicef place mats that she claims she wanted:

But, I have to say, Christmas here in the Southern Hemisphere was a little weird. I’m not sure if it’s because of the weather, or they just don’t do big Christmases here, but it’s got a whole different, less important feel. Kind of like a "let’s-have-a-bbq-and-a-brewski-4th-of-July" sort of feeling. There were fireworks at 4 am sharp that neither Pedro nor I cared for.

The real holiday around here is not Christmas but New Year’s. Things are kicking into high gear in these parts.

The beach is amazingly full of people:

On New Year’s Eve everyone goes to the beaches dressed all in white. Copacabana beach is expecting more than 2 million people. When I first heard about the white, I was picturing people dressed in white t-shirts and shorts, but apparently people get all fancied-up to see in the New Year. Here are some displays from local clothing stores:

We may don some white clothing tomorrow and check out the beach with the kids tied to us so we don’t lose them in the crowds, but other than that we will be chillin’ on our balcony watching the fireworks.

Last but not least, here’s my favorite sign I’ve seen this holiday season that pretty much sums up the attitude here in Big City, Brazil:

It means, “Wishing for peace and clean beaches in 2008”

Happy New Year's!


Blackeyedsue said...

I didn't blog Christmas either.:(

I have never heard of a place where New Year's is bigger than Christmas.

I am claustrophobic just looking at that picture of the beach. Step away people, step away!

Calandria said...


Is it just me, or does your mom look super young and beautiful?

My friend is from Brazil and she told me about dressing in white, but I also thought of it as much more casual. She says she misses Brazil at New Year's really bad, and especially misses the three days of dancing. (That's what she said! They dance through two solid nights. Is that true?)

Janice said...

I have mourned for you the loss of the bag of stuff, so I am glad your mom replaced it for you. Maybe in honor of you, I will wear all white on New Years.

txmommy said...

Happy New Year! That sounds like fun. What an adventure for your kids to grow up around the world...and for us to read about it :)

marina said...

WOW! Christmas bigger than New Year's never herd of it.The beaches wow! I can't get over it how pack they are.Pedro look so cute under the tree.I want to thank you for writing of your adventure in Brazil its really ben fun to read,I wish you and your family Prospero ano ,chow marina

marina said...

PS. some of those white dress look so pretty!!marina

marina said...

PS. some of those white dress look so pretty!!marina

No Cool Story said...

Happy New Year!!

Poor JC :( afraid of Santa :( Is he afraid of Santa anywhere in the world or just Brazilian Santa?

Your mom is the bestest Super mom ever. Would you please say hi from me? I'm her #1 blog fan*

*I am, right?

Kristen said...

Well, at least they've got their priorities in order, right?! LOL!

I think I would stay far away from that beach. Good grief the people!!

Have a GREAT New Years!

Maine Mom said...

Yes, Pedro and Kate would have had fun together this Christmas! Cute.

Poor Juan Carlos. Eleanor was determined to stay awake to see Santa, but of course she fell asleep.

I am so glad your Mom gave you yummy food to feast on. I was hoping she would. :-)

Wow, that's a lot of people at the beach. I would be more content watching things from the balcony. It would be neat to see everyone dressed in white. Happy New Year!

No Cool Story said...

Feliz Happy New Year!!

utmommy said...

I can't imagine having a warm Christmas, it would definitely give it a different feel. Although I have to admit that I would like some warm weather right about now!

Handiemom said...

Who blogs on Christmas? That's taking things a bit too far don't you think? :)

In Central America, New Years was definitely a big deal too. Christmas was also big there, but I'd say the holidays were equal. And lots of fireworks like Brazil. I thought that part was rather cool. It was much better than the way I grew up -- going to stake dances and hoping someone would ask me to dance before midnight.

Great pictures!

Handiemom said...

Oh! And I have to agree about the wierdness of the warm weather. On my mission, the first Christmas it was so warm I thought I should be going to a BBQ instead of opening presents.

There's something about snow that adds to the Christmas feel. (Although I definitely don't like cleaning off my car.)

nikko said...

So, how was the beach?

I've had to make my blog invite-only. Email me at and I'll send you an invite.