Thursday, December 13, 2007

No Room in the Stable

Kitty loves Christmas.

Remember last year? She loved the Christmas tree.

This year, much to Gaupo's chagrin, we have an artificial tree and Kitty's just not as interested. (Brazil just isn't in to cutting down trees like we are in the States) Here's Julio placing the star on the tree:

Despite the fake tree and lack of fresh pine scent, Kitty's making the most of the holiday season; she's found a new special Christmas place. Here's where I found her this morning:



Awesome Mom said...

Poor Baby Jesus, it must be tough getting crushed by a napping cat.

yo mama said...

Love the pic of Kitty. A couple years ago I got a Christmas card from John Gstalder with the exact same photo with his kitty in the manger. If you can't get the kids to pose and smile, you can always use Kitty.

Anonymous said...

That is seriously so cute. I probably wouldn't want a cat in my tree or decorations, but it is still so cute.

No Cool Story said...

I was just thinking of Kitty the other day. I love that picture from last year.

Awwwww. She knows how to be the center of attention ;)

Calandria said...

Move over, Baby Jesus.