Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas Activities

Here’s what I have so far this year. As I mentioned in a previous post, I made individual printouts of these activities (using pictures that included the kids where I could), laminated them:

and hung them on the wall:

Each day we chose one that is appropriate for the day and move it the other side of the wall. I plan to add new ones as I think of other activities to try. (there’s no need to display all of them if I don’t want to, and I don’t feel bad if there are more than 24 and we don’t do all of them)

Low-Energy-It’s-Been-A-Long-Day Projects

Color Christmas Coloring Sheets
Watch Christmas Movie (I’ve got 4 of these, the idea being that I actually sit and watch the movie and we eat popcorn together)
Watch Luke II
Update Christmas Tree*
Make Snowflakes out of coffee filters (SO EASY)
Write Letters to Santa
Choose Christmas Treats (look through cookbooks and magazines)
First Presidency Christmas Devotional

*Last year we did this mid-to-high-energy project from Family Fun:

Running up either side is a measuring tape; the idea is to measure and record your kids' height each year on an "ornament."

Now that we have it completed I just have to measure the kids, cut out the new “ornaments” and write their new height. We did this activity Sunday-it took all of 10 minutes. Margarita (9yrs) and Julio (7 yrs) both grew 2 inches. Juan Carlos (4 yrs) grew 3 inches and Pedro (9 months) was the big winner with 8 ½ inches of growth since his birth in March!

Mid-Energy-Let’s-Have-Some-Christmas-Fun Projects

Christmas Craft (3 of these)
Make Fudge with Grandma (my mom’s coming next week!!!)
Christmas Symbols Family Home Evening (actually low-energy if you plan it and then do the same thing every year)
Treats to Neighbors
Wrap Teacher Presents
Playdoh with Christmas cookie cutters (use store bought Playdoh for low-energy or make your own dough for a mid-energy project)
Cinnamon Ornaments
Christmas Story Reading Marathon
Walk or Drive to see Christmas lights (this is probably a low-energy activity, but here south of the equator it requires that I keep my kids up until after 8:00- disqualifying it as low-energy activity)
Gingerbread House (prefab is the only way to go for me-we did this last year and it was fun and easy. If I had to make my own gingerbread this would be an ultra-energy-I-might-not-make-it-to-2008 activity)
Ward Christmas Party
School Christmas Party(ies)

High-Energy-Pedro-Slept-Last-Night-and-I’ve-Got-Patience-Abounding Projects

Kick-Off December Party
Buy and Decorate Tree
Make Christmas Cookies
Make Christmas Treat (2 of these)
Sleep by the Tree
Christmas Eve Extravaganza (Luke II, Family Nativity, Fondue, Family gift Exchange)
Little Christmas Shop (see this post for more info)
Secret Santa Project

Other ideas??? I'm always looking for new, easy, fun ideas


marina said...

gabriela,I love your laminated pictures and the mid to high christmas tree what a great idea!
Where did you fine that? I think I may try it my son.

I wanted ask you whats it like Christmas in Brazil? or how different is it from the USA?

Since I live 3 hours away from the mexico borader I have been in Menterry mexico, for the hoildays and its one BIG Festa after another.
Is it different over there? I know its summer over there and well hear in south Texas we have cold days then really warm days.blessing,marina

marina said...

PS. thanks for stoping by it took us all day to put the tree up.

Janice said...

Great list! I'm so impressed.

Calandria said...

I love these ideas! Some of them are on the high-energy side for me. We make lots of tamales (fun, but not exactly easy) and that pretty much wipes me out for anything requiring a lot of time or clean up.

Sometimes kids don't want or need a big production. Having you sit down with them to watch a movie can be special enough.

Thanks for the great ideas!

Maine Mom said...

I love your Christmas spirit! Your kick-off December party sounds like so much fun. I think the red, white, and green pizza on the Christmas plate looks yummy and easy. I think we'll have to have some before the end of the month. I've never seen the movie "Elf", but now I have to watch it because you mentioned it and it is the #1 rented Christmas movie through Netflix.

You have a lot of great Christmas activity ideas and I like how you have easy ideas for the low-energy days. Do you decide which activity is going to happen each day or do you have the kids pick?

Thank you for motivating me to have more Christmas spirit and to not let this season rush by without enjoying it with my children. :-)

No Cool Story said...

I wanted to see close-up of the laminated pics :)

I have no ideas to give you, you have out-idea me forever.

PS: You rock!