Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Note to Self

***Next time someone is coming to visit Brazil, remind them that Brazil is one of very few countries in the world that requires that Americans have a travel visa.

Ugggghhh. My poor mom got to the ticket counter today in Denver, 3 bags in tow, to check in for her flight to Brazil only to have the lady tell her she needed a visa. Getting a visa a slow process; you have to send your passport, forms and money to the Brazilian Embassy or one of their consulates via snail mail, then they send the visa back to you.

That little piece of information never entered my mind during the last 2 months. I feel horrible.

So, she is doing the first leg of her trip to Washington DC tonight and then going to the Brazilian Embassy tomorrow to beg and plead for a visa so she can travel tomorrow night. Luckily both Guapo and I have brothers there that are willing to help her out.

Crossing my fingers!


marina said...

I will keep her in my prayers for that visa.
my husband told me a while back that in order to leave the US we need passports now,, he is an attorney so he is always listening to poetical stuff and all. I know you don't post an email address but I have really enjoyed your blog and your adventures in Brazil.
I hope we get to know each other.blessing marina PS. you are so funny you aways make me laugh

Janice said...

Oh! I am sick inside for you. I'll add her to my prayers.

yo mama said...

I have found out through others that I whined to on the plane that there are many more countries that require visas, i.e. India, Japan, etc. so guess we'd better check before going to any new countries. And I was told that visas and the $100 fee is relatively new for tourists. At least I've got the magic Matt working with me. What a sweet kid. Got photo taken tonight with Dominic's help, heading to PO for money order in the morning, then Dominic will drop me at the Embassy. Matt will join me if they give me any grief. He's a man of power. Just hope I can get on a plane tomorrow night.
Love, yomama

Awesome Mom said...

I hope that she makes it!

Maine Mom said...

Your poor mom! I hope everything works out so she can finish her trip to see you. Will she be staying for Christmas?

marina said...

God is good and seems he sent your mother some angles to help her out ,,keeping my fingers cross for her praying she will make it!!marina

Kristen said...

Hi Gabriela! Long time no "see"!

That is such a bummer for your Mom! How disappointing! I hope she's able to get her Visa and make it to see you! Have you heard about the weather we're getting around here?! (Denver, I should say).

Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas season so far!

No Cool Story said...

Oh no!! Your sweet wonderful mom.
I'll be praying for her to get her visa rĂ¡pido.