Friday, December 14, 2007

In Flight (Finally)

I stopped giving updates on my mom's horrific travel experience because I figure I was jinxing myself. Here's a quick update.

  • Tuesday 8:00 am: my mom left her house in Colorado
  • Tuesday 9:00 am: Realized she needed, and didn't have, a travel visa to travel to Brazil
  • Tuesday 11:00 am: Flew the first leg of the trip to DC
  • Wednesday 2:00: received the visa (this was a minor miracle)
  • Wednesday 4:00: went to airport, couldn't get out that night due to a full flight, but was given a seat on Thursday night's flight
  • Thursday 7:00 pm: calls to tell us all is well, she was checked in, flight was set to leave at 9:00pm
  • Friday 3:00 am: finally made it to a hotel after the airline postponed the flight
  • Friday 9:00 am: back to airport
  • Friday 2:00 pm: FINALLY IN FLIGHT

She's set to arrive tonight around 2:00 am. Guapo and I are going to pick her up with Sergio; we will be accompanied by an armoured "chase car" with men that are packing heat (what's more bloggable than a chase car???). That time of night in these parts isn't that safe.

Always an adventure.


Jules said...

A chase car? Seriously?! You better blog it. I hope you got your Mom some seriously good Christmas presents. What a trooper. So glad she is getting there.

Janice said...

Good luck with all of that. It makes me driving down to the Salt Palace for an indoor soccer game in the snow seem like nothing.

Kristen said...

Sounds like quite a "NOT FUN" adventure for your Mom! I'll bet you'll be glad to see her!

And in answer to your question--I am TERRIFIED about having twins. That makes FIVE for me. Lord help me!

Awesome Mom said...

Wow, a chase car? I hope that your mom makes it safely.

Darci said...

Haha that is funny.. My sister is moving to Sao Paulo in a few years. Ha ha this is all she has to look forward too. When we lived there it was with the Government so everything was taken care of for us. I remember those armoured cars behind us.

marina said...

Please blog us and tell us how it went with the car and, all your poor mom she must be so tried.

I loved your picture of the cat in the tree its a keeper.

I pray God will be with you tonight with your drivers.Be safe.marina

No Cool Story said...

Hold the phone! A chase car? "heat"? Oh Gabs, so blogworthy I can't even count the ways.

Your mom is the Queen of Moms in my book.

No Cool Story said...

Totally OT:
I opned my Gmail this morning to a "Delivery Status Notification" for an e-mail I sent you back in JUNE 1st.
What in the world?!? That has never ever happned to me, half a year to get a bounced e-mail?

JD said...

Wear a helmet!! and a bullet proof vest. Get fake Id and some mustaches too!