Monday, December 10, 2007

I Was Trying to Put the Past Behind Me

...until someone sent me this picture this morning.

At least I look gracious even though I was was thinking, "*&^$$^&*!@#@!#"

Ok, now I'll really stop trying to think of my Stove Top and cookie mixes.


k-squared's mom said...

I don't know how you can still smile while handing her your stuff! Go ahead and vent! That was really heartbreaking and to have it saved for posterity!!!

Jules said...

You're right, at least you look gracious and BEAUTIFUL-per usual.

utmommy said...

You do look gracious.

marina said...

Gabriela, you look beautiful you can't even tell it hurts giving up your goody bag. God gave you that grace that you needed to give it away as much as you wanted to hold on to it,Who knows maybe she needed it more. But God will bless you for your kindness.marina