Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just FYI

I'm up to my neck in Christmas-I've started about three different posts about all of our recent activities, but with all the fun and with my mom here, it's been tough to actually finish a post. Hopefully tomorrow.

But, I couldn't not post this little bloggable morsel.

We have...our.own.personal. Ugly N@ked Man.

Yep. He lives in the building right behind ours.

Guapo's seen him several times but tonight was my first sighting. He was kicking a little soccer ball around his room. N@ked as a jaybird, as my grandma would say.

I obviously can't post pictures of him-this isn't that kind of blog, but I just had to let you know.


Janice said...

At BYU, I lived in a condo positioned my bedroom window that faced the back of Condo row. There was one guy that while not naked always had a girl in the apartment trying to get some lovin'. It always was a different girl and he was usually rejected. He was actually very pathetic but created many funny looking out my window moments. I hope he found true love eventually but that year he didn't!

Maine Mom said...

Yikes! I hope you are spared more sightings. :-)

No Cool Story said...

"He was kicking a little soccer ball around his room"


marina said...

Grabrieal, sound like that "funny naked guy on friends" remember they would all stand around and watch him..too funny.
anyway I was wondering if you would hed over to my site and if you could send me an email address I have a relly cute Christmas card that I would like to share with you and your children my son love it,thanks marina

Handiemom said...

Wow that is just ugly. I can't even dwell on it too long before I start getting bad pictures in my head.

Hopefully he'll get some sense about him soon!

Calandria said...

you could always post a photo of ugly naked guy and photoshop a little rubber duckie in there if necessary...

i mean, not that i want to see a picture. no, of course not. i'll take your word for it that he's ugly. it was just an idea. :-)

txmommy said...

the glamour never ends! :)
I love your header, very beautiful

Anonymous said...

wow, pretty picture! I'll be looking for more!
ung, stay away!!!
merry christmas to all!
love, me!

Calandria said...

I love your new header! Gorgeous!

yo mama said...

I think that your grandma might say "buck naked" for obvious reasons or is it "butt naked"? Anyway I had the opportunity to view this buck naked man & wouldn't want to go there again. Thanks for not blogging his photo.

Blackeyedsue said...

WaHoo! Gabs has a naked man! What would an adventure in a foreign country be without a naked man.